How most to manufacture the safety lock?

The greatest distribution was gained by safety fuses. They are cheap and simple in production and in case of the short circuit in network reliably provide protection of wiring against ignition. When the safety fuse fuses, it is required to replace it quickly. But there is not always the reserve safety lock on the necessary current.

Схема электронного предохранителя

Scheme of the electronic safety lock.

It is the simplest to execute the protective safety lock from the wire of the corresponding diameter.

And diameter of the wire for the necessary melting current (protection) can be chosen from the table where values for different metals are given. As the basis for fixing (soldering) of the fusible insert the framework of fused can be used. If the ceramic or glass safety lock is recovered, then as filler in safety locks  quartz sand with the maintenance of SiO2 not less than 98%, with grains of 0,2 in size — 0,4 is used. That which got enough sleep it is necessary to fill up in the cavity again. And for alternative replacement of the fused insert it is the best of all to use the copper wire as it is possible to pick up the necessary section more precisely.

It would be desirable to note that the face value of the safety lock is current which the safety lock can sustain the long time, but not the melting current. The fusible insert has to fuse in 10 seconds at the current exceeding rated by 2,5 times.

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