Ways of definition of break in the buried electrical wiring

Break in the electrical wiring - often found problem and in home electrical facilities, and on production. Methods of finding of breaks there is the set, and devices too, from cheap and to very expensive.

Прибор для обнаружения повреждений скрытой электропроводки

The device for detection of damages of the buried electrical wiring.

If at you such problem after all occurred, for example the socket ceased to work or the chandelier does not burn, then you should not buy expensive device for finding of break, of course, (can, it to you is never more and it is not required). I want to tell about how I get out of this situation.

About three-four years ago I bought the sound Steyer 4520-48 indicator (in the photo). It has the switch on three modes (the first - the indicator, the second and third - ring-up). On these modes I also find breaks. To receive absolute result hardly it will turn out, but it is possible to try especially as its price - only 130 rubles. And it helped out me not once. But upon purchase it is necessary to check it regarding excitation or sensitivity.

Принципиальная схема простого искателя

Key diagram of the simple finder.

Copies which peep in the half a meter radius come across. Such got to my acquaintance, with such device to find the place of damage hardly it will turn out.

My indicator works, but more correctly if the wire passes at the depth more than 3 cm, then find break can also be ineffectual. But, as a rule, the shukaturka layer over the wire invests in these centimeters, and I easily find the place of damage. It if break of the phase wire, and if break in zero?

Here it is necessary to deenergize this room and if in the house or the apartment only one automatic machine, then it is necessary to deenergize everything and to be connected to the phase, having taken it to the automatic machine and having stretched up to zero (damage) and to begin search.

If distance to the place of damage big, then it is possible to throw temporary barracks into the near socket, previously having found in it the zero end. But at such method it is necessary to switch-off input automatic machines, both phase, and zero.

  1. Sergey

    Thanks understood and how I can set??? if it is possible. Where to write?

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  2. Sergey

    The administrator is the dif-automatic machine I correctly understood. And the zero wire should be found in the guard, from to connect from the zero tire and on it to give the phase, and to take zero from other socket and already to them to give loading. From blame for the Master it simply and for the teapot это№.

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    • admin

      Sergey, in article is about if the phase wire whole, and zero in break. And to find break, it should be made temporarily "phase", that is for check this indicator, it is necessary to give the phase. Namely to switch off both automatic machines on the guard and having taken to pass temporarily the phase it to the automatic machine.

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  3. Sergey

    The administrator at me the question? And from what automatic machine to take the phase, with water or from not working line and how to take if everything to deenergize? explain the pazhalust I the couple not the floodplain.

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    • admin

      To switch-off the automatic machine both phase and zero. And to take the phase from above, it turns out to the automatic machine. That else I will not it is clear answer.

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  4. Andrey

    It is more than such practical advice from your experience. To you can it seems that all this is known, and actually for someone big news.

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    • admin

      Specialists with the experience know, and here beginners, of course let to themselves in the kopilochka put. The selection wants to be done on this category.

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