What do working and starting windings differ in?

It is necessary to know the device of starting and working windings. It can be compared to the multiplication table.

Схемы обмоток

Schemes of windings.

Let's begin with the fact that single-phase engines have two kinds of windings, starting and working. These windings differ also on wire section, and in quantity of rounds.

The actuating coil always has wire section bigger and consequently, its resistance will be less. On the photo it is visually visible that the section of wires the miscellaneous. The winding with smaller section is also starting. It is possible to measure resistance of windings both pointer, and digital testers and also the ohmmeter. The winding which has resistance less and is the worker.

Однофазные компрессоры с пусковой обмоткой

Single-phase compressors with starting winding.

And now several examples which you can face in life. If at the engine 4 conclusions, then, having found the ends of windings and having made measurements, you will easily understand these four wires. Resistance is less - the actuating coil, resistance is more - starting winding.

Everything is connected simply, on thick wires 220 V.I one tip of starting winding - on one of workers moves. On what of them, there is no difference: the rotation sense does not depend on it, as well as on the fact that you will insert the fork into the socket. Rotation will change, from connection of starting winding, changing its ends.

If the engine has 3 conclusions, measurements will look as follows: 10 ohms, 25 ohms, 15 ohms. After several measurements find the tip from which indications, with two others, will be 15 ohms and 10 ohms. It will also be one of network wires. The tip which shows 10 ohms too network, third 15 ohms will be starting which is connected to the second network via the condenser. In this example you do not change the rotation sense any more. Here, to change rotation, it will be necessary to reach the winding diagram.

One more example when measurements can show 10 ohms, 10 ohms, 20 ohms. It is one of kinds of windings too. Such went on some models of washing machines. In these engines working and starting – identical windings (on the design of three-phase windings). There is no difference what you will have working, and what starting. Connection starting is also carried out via the condenser.

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