Connection of sockets loop

All sockets which are on one electric group have one scheme of connection parallel.

Упрощенная схема разводки розеток

The simplified wiring layout of sockets.

But it is possible "to parallel" sockets in the different ways: to connect them in raspayachny boxes (twists, plugs, soldering) or to connect them among themselves on plugs, passing these boxes (connection by the loop).

What connection of sockets to choose?

Подключение новой розетки шлейфом от старой

Connection of the new socket the loop from old.

Connecting sockets the loop, it is possible to save significantly on material and to considerably reduce labor costs. However now in the Regulations for Electrical Installation (REI) there is accurate and unambiguous prohibition on the rupture of RE – the conductor ("earth").

 If you change the electrical wiring at yourself in the apartment (house), there is nothing to be afraid, you do not need to put officially the object into operation, but agree that it is better to sleep peacefully, knowing that the electrical wiring of your housing as it should be and conforms to all normative requirements of electrical safety.

How it is correct to make connection of sockets the loop, without having broken at this PUE? The alternative is, in the drawing the method of such connection of sockets is shown. The way is rather old, but checked, and for reliability it is better not to be limited to the "earth" wire, and to leave continuous and current carrying wires, phase and zero.

At such connection of sockets load of plugs of the first socket where the power supply "comes", will be limited to only a power of the electrical household appliances which are switched on in it. Such way of connection of sockets prolongs the term of their service and, the most important, keeps RE, the conductor ("earth"), continuous.

  1. Guest

    Both schemes are correct. I would choose the 2nd option. Economy of the cable, is less than shtrobleniye.

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    • admin

      Economy is one. It is necessary to proceed from this what you plan loading. If load of the second socket is planned big, then 1 option it is more preferable.

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    • Guest

      UFO, It as??? Even in the one-room apartment 3 lines have to depart from the guard: lighting, sockets of the room, socket of kitchen!
      And, everyone from the automatic machine! And, the stiralka, vodogry, kondy — too, on separate. On each room — the line! At least — count loadings … Economy now on the cable and work, will get out then big hemorrhoids …

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  2. UFO

    Tell if I connect sockets in the apartment, I them can connect everything on one wire?

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