How to connect the water heater

Availability of different modern devices helps to cope with ease with any of shortcomings. For example, at absence in the house of hot water, it is not obligatory to wash cold, the water heater is enough to put houses and to forget about lack of warm water forever.

Водонагревательный котел

The water-heating boiler allows to forget about seasonal cutoffs of hot water which create great discomfort for inhabitants of the house.

Today water heaters are installed in many apartments and houses. And the fact that it is possible to connect heaters with own hand is convenient. But before connecting the water heater, it needs to be got.

What water heaters happen

Схема устройства комбинированного нагревателя

The scheme of the device of the combined heater.

The water heater can be accumulative or flowing type of action. The principle of operation of the flowing boiler consists in transmission of water through itself. Heating of water happens in the shortest possible time. These types of heaters are suitable for periodic use, at the moments when hot water is necessary for short terms. The size of such boiler small therefore it can be placed in any place where it will be convenient. The only minus of such water heater is big consumption of power. Need of connection to separate wiring is also explained by it.

The water heater of accumulative type looks as the big tank where there is water which is constantly warmed up. As heating of water requires bigger time, the smaller quantity of the electric power as a result is spent. Most often such type of the boiler is used for bathrooms. Water in it heats up and remains hot for a long time that allows not to heat then water several times. The water heater of the certain volume is selected for specific family, from calculation how many people will use it.

On the heating source the boiler can be electric, gas or indirect. Among all water heaters which need to be connected to the power supply network enjoy bigger popularity. Connection of such electric water heater is possible.

Gas water heaters are powered from the main gas. For this reason when in the apartment there is the gas, it is the best of all to choose this type of water heaters for the purpose of economy on electricity. It is worth remembering what has the right to connect gas water heaters only certain firm which has the license for work with the gas equipment. Independently it is impossible to carry out such procedure not only, but also it is life-threatening.

Both gas, and electric types of the boiler can be both accumulative, and flowing type.

The water heater of indirect heating represents the tank with water where heating of water comes from the boiler. As the heat carrier, as well as in other options, water acts too. The boiler, in turn, heats up by means of burning of firewood, coal, coke, diesel fuel or gas. These types of the boiler meet in private houses much more more often than in apartments.

Among all available types of water heaters it is independently possible to connect only the electric boiler.

As the electric water heater is installed

Most often water heaters are installed in the toilet room (over the toilet bowl). It is important to know that fastening only on the bearing wall with use of special anchor bolts is suitable for the boiler of large volume.

Work will require the following materials and tools:

Схема подключения проточного водонагревателя

Scheme of connection of the flowing water heater.

The scheme of installation of flowing and accumulative water heaters is very similar. And that, and other boiler needs to be hung up on the wall. Only if for accumulative essentially use of anchor bolts, then for flowing it is possible to use and simple the dowel as it is much less and easier. It is important to remember that before drilling of openings it is necessary to decide precisely on location of the boiler and on the wall to make marks that eventually everything hung exactly; it is desirable to apply level at this stage. When the place is found, it is possible to make the opening by means of the perforator and the drill on 10 mm and to insert into the received anchor holes. Now on them it is possible to hang up the water heater and there will be the stage of connection to the water supply system and the power supply network.

Connection to the water supply system of the electric water heater

The scheme of connection of the boiler assumes that before connecting the water heater to the water supply system, it is necessary to block without fail water, and in all apartment (house). At the exit from the strut as is hotter, and the cold water it is necessary to install cranes (shutoff valves), they will allow to include water in the apartment. If necessary it is necessary to put filters and the reducer of pressure.

Installation of shutoff valves will allow to install the T-couplers and splitters necessary for connection of the water heater. It is important to perform all work very accurately and attentively. The main thing that all necessary pipes were connected among themselves.

When the water heater is connected, it needs to be filled with the cold water. It is very important to remember, include it in network the empty tank is impossible at all.

Connection to the power supply network of the electric water heater

Before starting connection of the boiler to network, it is necessary to be convinced of lack of the leak. The scheme of connection not really difficult, the main thing to observe all necessary stages in the correct order.

It is the best of all to entrust work with electricity to the specialist who will be able correctly to make all stages, without mistakes. If there is the opportunity to execute everything independently, nevertheless it is better to consult with the specialist. If boiler very powerful. It is possible that it is necessary to carry out additional wiring. The scheme of work can be defined only by the master.

In cases when water heater power the small, certain scheme of connection assuming availability of separate wiring is not required, it is possible to turn on safely the boiler in the nearby socket though nevertheless it is worth taking care that in the socket any more nothing was included.

The water heater demands obligatory grounding.

After all phases are correctly completed, it is possible to begin to use the water heater for its direct designated purpose, rejoicing to availability of hot water at any time.

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