Features of connection of OUZO

For a start we will a little tell about the concept of leak. During the work of the electric unit or any circuitry of leakages of current should not be. It means that current has to pass ("to work") in schemes only concerning phases and zero. And if there was current concerning the earth, then it also is leakage of current. It results from breakdown on the body of any electric device which is initially grounded, or at contact of the person to the body. To secure people against such situations, it was invented by OUZO.

Ложные срабатывания УЗО

Malfunctionings of OUZO.

The first what it is necessary to know about, - the OUZO installation has to be made right after the power meter. Thus, full protection against various earth leakages in all chain is provided and requirements of the Energonadzor are not violated.

If to connect OUZO at once on all house, then it can cause also some inconveniences, for example, in case of operation of the device all house will be deenergized. The best option - to establish OUZO, for example. on the washing machine and the electric stove (if your house or the apartment are not installed gas).

In the drawing the most widespread scheme of connection of OUZO is shown. On the scheme it is visible what is established to OUZO on all scheme (on all house or the apartment). If you wish to connect only any site, then OUZO joins after automatic machines.

Схема подключения УЗО на весь дом

The scheme of connection of OUZO on all house.

The principle of work of OUZO consists in tracking of the difference of values between the phase and zero. When the scheme works correctly, this difference is absent that is how many passed on the phase wire, as much will pass also on zero. When in the scheme there is the leak, the device traces this difference and there is the automatic shutdown.

Here it is necessary to understand what is leak and what is breakdown. At leakage of full breakdown is not present, and there is only resistance which the phase earth kind of represents loading to chains.


The scheme of connection of OUZO on the certain site.

At full breakdown protection, of course, will work. It is possible to give the example: the electric motor of the washing machine has the soprotvleniye of isolation not of the lake of 5 megohms as it is necessary, and it is less than 100 KOHM - in this case OUZO will work. Or in the crude room some cable has damage and passes on the wet wall - here too work will be entered BY OUZO. And further, while the cause of operation is not removed, the device will disconnect the scheme.

In what cases the OUZO installation is inexpedient?

OUZO is inexpedient to be established in the presence of old shabby wiring indoors as the OUZO property to find leakage of current can bring more problems, than advantage if it begins it is unpredictable to work. And at the old electrical wiring it can begin at any time (even at the first inclusion of OUZO). If isolation old and bad, can arise small current which can exceed value of the leakage current of OUZO. Therefore in this case installation in places with the increased danger of sockets with the built-in OUZO is recommended.

OUZO producers

There are UZO recognized producers: Legrand, Moeller, ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric. Domestic manufacturers are also presented at the USAn market: Astro-UZO, IEK, DEK. High-quality work of UZO first of all depends on the quality elements which are its part. The most famous producers use better parts.

  1. Gennady

    On schemes the rated current of OUZO is less than rated current of protection. At the short circuit or overloads of OUZO will fail earlier than the automatic machine will work.

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  2. Andrey

    The MAIN MISTAKES AT CONNECTION of UZO-1. Parallel connection of neutral.2. Wrong connection of the wire of the neutral to this device.3. Neutral between several ouzo.4 are mixed. The N PE/or connection the additional N PE connection in the nutria of the SV./socket

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