Mounting of the ceiling chandelier

For connection of the chandelier we will be needs the indicator screw-driver. The indicator before work is surely checked for working capacity.

Схема крепления люстры к потолку

The scheme of fastening of the chandelier to the ceiling.

Three wires hang on the ceiling: one zero and two phase. Wires "phase" go on the switch, and "zero" goes to the terminal box at once. We switch off the automatic cut on the landing and the indicator we check lack of tension. We remove isolation from three ceiling ends, then we part these ends aside from each other so that they did not become isolated. We include tension. The indicator in turn we touch each of the ends. At the same time the switch has to be switched on. At contact of the wire the indicator lights up - it is "phase", does not burn – "zero". Remember or mark with isolation "zero".

The chandelier leaves three wires, we should find from them "zero". For this purpose in turn we include two any wires of the chandelier in the socket, at the same time do not touch the third. One half of lamps has to light up - we remember wires. Then one wire is left in the socket, and we interchange the position of another with not connected. Other half of lamps has to light up. If it did not occur, we change wires.

Has to be so that one wire always was in the socket, and, inserting in turn other two wires, one lit up at first, then other number of lamps. That wire which was not taken out from the socket and will be zero. We connect the zero wire of the chandelier to the zero wire on the ceiling, two phase wires - to any of two on the ceiling. If does not suit you that the switch turns on at first society, and then small, then it is necessary just to trade places the phase ends on the chandelier or on the switch.

In the electrician it is impossible to twist the copper and aluminum wire. Between these metals electronic couple which promotes contact destruction turns out. They unite via the screw to the nut, and between them the steel washer is surely put. In shops there are special connecting blocks which fasten wires via the plug screws.

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