How aluminum soldering is made?

As aluminum and its alloys, adjoining to air, quickly are oxidized, normal ways of soldering do not yield satisfactory results.

Схема пайки алюминиевой пластины

Scheme of soldering of the aluminum plate

For aluminum soldering tin-lead solders (POS) can recommend the next way.  Liquid mineral oil is applied on aluminum in the place of soldering, and the surface of aluminum under the butter layer is smoothed out the scraper or the knife blade for removal of the film of oxide. Solder is applied with well heated soldering iron. Power of the soldering iron of 50 W is sufficient for soldering of thin aluminum, for aluminum of bigger thickness use of the soldering iron with a power of 90 W is desirable.

It is even better to apply weapon oil; the high and satisfactory quality of soldering turns out when using mineral oil for sewing machines and exact mechanisms, vaseline oil.

Solder has to contain not less than 50% of tin. The most convenient is POS-61 soft solder. POS-30 solder does not provide high quality soldering. When soldering aluminum more than 2 mm thick it is desirable to warm up the place of soldering before putting oil previously the soldering iron. It is also possible to use F-61 (gumboil for aluminum soldering).

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