We choose the blender for the house

Household appliances of modern kitchen cannot be provided without blender. Presently everyone knows this idle time and very useful device which will easily and quickly make cocktail, will bring down any cream necessary to you, will be able to split ice and will quickly cope with different firm products.

Устройство кухонного комбайна с блендером

The device of the food processor with the blender.

Most of us cannot imagine life without blenders, they are extremely necessary in everyday life. The blender is the irreplaceable assistant in kitchen. Only using the blender, you will be able quickly and tasty to prepare any dish.
There are three modern kinds of blenders.

The first is the stationary blender, the second – the submersible type of the blender, and the third look combines the previous two types in the design.

Общий вид электромиксера (блендера)

General view of the mixer (blender): 1. Electric drive; 2. Nozzle mixer; 3. Nozzle coffee grinder.

The stationary blender is most widespread among buyers. This type of the blender is most often made of plastic, but there are cases when it is made of metal. The blender with the body from plastic, of course, costs much cheaper, than the blender which body is manufactured of metal, but also quality is slightly lower than it. The blender manufactured of metal has shortcomings, such as weight too.

Metal blenders are rather heavy, their weight several times exceeds the weight of plastic blenders. Stationary blenders can usually perform the majority of functions of the mixer, but also can be used also for some other functions, for example: to make cream, to beat egg white, to stir puree, to mix cocktails and many other things. Such often used function as ice splitting, is present not at each blender, and is included in opportunities only of some models.

Submersible blenders which are less widespread, than stationary are used most often for cutting of vegetables, small and fast cutting of different greens, mixing of puree and for crushing of meat.

Now in the market you will find the wide choice of different models of blenders from the most well-known companies of producers, such as Moulinex, Philips and Braun, you can buy that blender which suits you. The blender is very important device for any kitchen, such blender will make your life much more simply and will save the lot of time. Everyday use of the blender will allow you to show the culinary imagination, without troubling itself excess work.

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