Electric trimmer: how to make the right choice?

The trimmer – only the right decision for the grass kosheniye in places, hardly accessible for the wheel lawn-mower, in particular around bushes, trees, along paths, fences and walls.

Схема устройства электрического триммера

Scheme of the device of the electric trimmer.

Trimmers happen 2 types: petrol and electric. In this article we will try to describe highlights which should be known at the choice of the electric trimmer.

Trimmers with the electric motor almost do not rustle, are started by simple pressing of the button and  do not pollute the environment. However  it is more difficult for them to cut off thick stalks of weeds and even the dense grass. Besides, its engine needs power supply which is most often brought by means of the long equipment cable which is holding down freedom of action of the mower and threatening to get under the knife.   The continuous communication with the outside world is not necessary to trimmers with the built-in rechargeable battery, however  per day they can cut the grass at most within 20-30 min. All rest of the time will leave on recharge their low-power, heavy and very whimsical at operation and storage of accumulators.


At electric trimmers (electric strimmers) power is measured in Vatakh (W) and the maximum engine capacity reaches 1200 W. In comparison with petrol braids, they are slightly weaker, but also they have advantages.

  1. The weight since electric trimmers it is much easier.
  2. Usability - you should not think of purchase of gasoline and oil and also of how to mix them.
  3. Electric trimmers are much more silent, i.e. the noise published by the electric motor is much less than noise from the petrol engine.

Engine arrangement

Расположение двигателя у триммеров

Engine arrangement at trimmers.

= ъВ difference from petrol trimmers, electric - trimmers happen 2 types:

with the lower arrangement of the engine and with upper

Several words in protection of trimmers with the lower arrangement of the engine. Electrotrimmers with the lower arrangement of the engine are intended for regularly podkashivayemy lawn grass which is softer, than normal. The short-term operating mode, i.e. it needs to give more often rest, than to electrotrimmers with the upper engine. There is the opinion that the lower arrangement of the engine is worse, than upper, it not absolutely so. To work during wet weather with the IS RECOMMENDED NE electric trimmer, regardless of the engine arrangement. It can be dangerous. Though trimmers with the lower arrangement of the engine are designed so that it is inside not so simple to moisture to get, but nevertheless they are not RECOMMENDED to be used for cutting of the wet grass.

1. Braids with the lower arrangement of the engine are well balanced, i.e. it is easy to hold them in hand and even to work one hand.
2. Some models have the telescopic handle (Bosch of ART 25/30 GSDV, ART 23 GFSV)
3. They have small dimensions, they can easily be conducted on the dacha in hands or in the luggage carrier even of the smallest machine

And now about shortcomings

Разновидности триммеров

Kinds of trimmers.

Braids with the lower arrangement of the engine have very small power. No more than 650 W.
And also are never completed with the knife (!).

Trimmers with the upper arrangement of the engine much more. They are much more powerful - to 1200 W

Most often on electric trimmers as the cutting nozzle the fishing line is put, but there are models on which it is possible to put the cutting disk, or in a different way - the cutting knife. As a rule, it is powerful (from 1000 W) models. Trimmer power with the upper arrangement of the engine allows to establish on it thicker fishing line that allows to cut the dense high grass. The example is: STURM!, Energomash, Champion

SHAFT of electric trimmers

Zlektrotrimmera (braid) it is possible to separate into those that have the direct shaft with the reducer, and on those that have no it. The trimmer with the direct shaft also call the trimmer brush cutter as it can be used not only for the grass kosheniye, but also for processing of bushes by means of the knife. Their difference not only in appearance, but also in technical characteristics. The lack of the direct shaft with the reducer means that the cutting disk or the coil with the fishing line in motion is set by not the direct metal rod, but the steel rope that in itself is less reliable, than the rod at the mower with the direct bar. Though for the electric trimmer of it it is quite enough, unlike petrol since petrol braids have much more powerful engine and work with big turns.

Type of the handle of electric trimmers

Устройство ручки электрического триммера

Device of the handle of the electric trimmer.

At the choice of the trimmer brush cutter it is necessary to consider that they are with:

The D-shaped handle is convenient if the volume of work small, but demands big maneuverability (for example, for processing of bushes, trees, paths and green hedges). For this purpose best of all the fishing line approaches. If  taming   of the violent thickets which got out of hand is necessary for a long time to you, draw your close attention to models with the D-shaped handle, the additional J-shaped handle and the possibility of installation of the knife. The J-shaped handle is prevented by excessive approach of the operator to the conic reducer. The J-shaped handle should be attached when the trimmer is equipped with grass knife. For work simplification, you need the shoulder belt.

The tee handle is convenient for work on open space, at the same time the movement made by you will be like the fact that scythe. Such trimmers are intended for large volumes of works on big open spaces. More powerful trimmers can be equipped with the three-lobe knife which can cope with   the branch with a diameter up to 15 mm. During the work with such trimmer important that it  was equipped with the harness for dense fixing on the body of the person. You remember: the trimmer is more powerful, the  it can make big work on volume.

Giving of the fishing line

The majority of trimmers have the system of automatic giving of the fishing line.

Electric wire

Any trimmer is not completed with the long electric cable since as cable length depends on the sizes of your personal plot, and you will have to choose the extender upon purchase.

Blocking from overheating

Very seldom meets on electric trimmers. The essence of its work is as follows: if the engine overheats, then the special thermal cutout will not allow to burn down to the engine and will switch-off the lawn-mower. Of course, unlike petrol, it is necessary to watch the electric strimmer, i.e. after 15-20 minutes of work it is necessary to switch off it and to allow to cool down about 15 minutes. Blocking from overheating is in braids of EFCO 8060 and 8100.

Trimmers with the connector for nozzles

Режущие насадки триммеров

The cutting nozzles of trimmers.

The number of producers releases trimmers with the connector by means of which it is possible to connect nozzles. Thus, you get the braid which can be turned into the cultivator, the snow blower, the delimber or the brush cutter. The possibility of connection of nozzles - not the only advantage which the connector gives. It is also more convenient to wash the braid. Besides, the sorted braid finds room in the luggage carrier of any car.

At the choice of the figurative lawn-mower it is necessary to pay attention not only to the price, but also to ergonomics of its design and simplicity of operation. Otherwise care of the lawn can turn into the hard labor. The balance of the trimmer, its ability to keep balance during the operating time, despite vibration, and other factors significantly influence quality of the mowing. The it is more convenient handles or wheels of the trimmer, its controllability and safety is higher than subjects. Fastening belts significantly reduce load of hands in the course of work, rather long connector bar allows to increase the coverage zone, if necessary it is possible to transport without problems the device in the car luggage carrier.

What it is necessary to remember at the choice of the trimmer:

  1. For achievement of maximum efficiency your trimmer has to have the big power and fast dispersal.
  2. It has to weigh as little as possible, concerning its power.
  3. The machine has to have the effective system of absorption of vibration for minimization of trembling of those parts with which the operator makes direct contact.
  4. The engine has to be equipped with the device of decrease in emission of harmful substances both for the working zone of the user, and for the environment in general.
  5. The engine has to be started easily.

The most popular trimmers

Characteristics of expensive trimmers: are easily got, are convenient in use. 
At the beginning you need to be defined for what purposes the travokosilka is necessary. If you are going to prepare hay for pets, to help neighbors to fight against weeds, then you unambiguously need the professional petrol trimmer. And here you choose the cutting head on the basis of plantings in the processed territory: if in the processed territory there are a lot of fruit trees, stones, bushes, you need the cutting fishing line not to damage trees and  not to break metal knives; if trees and stones are absent — the metal knife. The knife form can be chosen depending on that too, you will cut off only the grass or the grass with the bush.

If you are going to cut weeds on the personal plot near the house, then it is possible to recommend electric trimmers of STURM!, Energomash, Champion, Efco. For work  weekly in good weather (the electrotrimmer it is impossible to work during the rain, and with the lower arrangement of the engine and after the rain or at the dropped-out dew) you need the cheap amateur trimmer which power you choose from type of the grass which you are going to mow — the grass is more dense and stalks are thicker, the more powerfully there has to be the trimmer. Electrotrimmers of Sturm!, Energomash, Champion allow not only to cut the grass, but also to level the bush in the vertical plane.

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