How to choose the device for giving heating?

After you complete construction of the house or will resort to its internal or external repair, it is necessary to take care of that all necessary communications were carried out in it and functioned most correctly. Some at the same time try also to save. Therefore the most part of works on repair and wiring is carried out not by professional masters, but self-educated persons who are remotely acquainted with nuances and subtleties of performance of these or those actions.

Отопление дома

Heating of the country house is necessary for comfortable accommodation, and also for maintenance of the healthy condition of the organism.

They concern both the water supply system, and phone lines, and the system of heating, and many other. Most often such need arises when the house is located somewhere in the remote part of the city or behind its line. In some settlements there is even no central water supply therefore many house owners should use alternative methods. The most widespread and suitable is construction of the well in the territory of the site and installation on it of the pump which will deliver water to the house.

The same concerns also the system of heating. Quite often it happens so that the main gas is not brought to the house at the stage of completion of its construction. In such cases there are several solutions. One of them is acquisition of the combined floor boiler with replaceable torches. Initially it is possible to get not the gas, but diesel torch. In certain cases for heating construction is used by the hands of the wood furnace, but it takes a lot of place and then it is necessary long enough and it is difficult to dismantle it. Not everything smoothly develops also with the combined boilers as they are on sale without torches, and acquisition their time demands the same investments, as well as the normal boiler with the atmospheric torch. To save, some handymen prefer not to buy, and to do the electric boiler by the hands. Despite the seeming difficulties if you understand, then you will be able to carry out this action.

How do the electric boiler for giving heating to make with own hands?

Схема подключения электрического котла

Scheme of connection of the electric boiler.

So, if you have the country house, then in it shall be warm. Very few people will agree to live not that, but also from time to time to spend the night in the cold room. From it it becomes uncomfortable and even unsafe for health. It is connected with the fact that in not heated room the increased humidity is observed that leads to the fact that some parts of the interior begin to grow damp. And these conditions are the most suitable in order that the fungus was formed. Respectively, it will begin to have an adverse effect on health of members of household. Therefore it is impossible to leave the house (even if you do not live in it constantly, and you come there only for the weekend) without this or that device of the heating or the equipment allowing to warm the house at least to normal, average room temperature at all.

Most often for country houses small electric boilers which enter category of economy class are bought, allow to use themselves practically in any room as they are figurative. But even among them it is possible to get confused and to hardly choose that electric boiler which on the technical characteristics will allow to carry out heating of this or that room up to standard. In specialized shops you can meet the huge number of wire and wireless electric boilers.

Some of them work with the help of the remote control, others are regulated by means of the computer. But there is more to come, as the number of functions of this or that electric device increases in direct ratio its costs. It is natural that the listed above devices cannot cost little therefore they will not suit those house owners who wish to save on the heating system of the house which is not the constant place of their accommodation.

Электрический котел отопления

Electric boilers of heating I work in the autonomous mode.

Designing and creation of the electric boiler own hands will become the option which is the most suitable in this case. The solution can become creation of the electric boiler which will be used for water heating, and from it on radiators heat will already extend on all rooms of this or that house. Electricity will become the most optimal solution as all this is connected with the same problem, as earlier, - with the fact that in the remote settlements quite often it is possible to meet the wood furnace for heating of the house, but not always there it is possible to find the gas and electric boiler. And here electricity is available practically in all territory of our country. The only thing with what there can be problems, so it with the fact that in small villages and even in villages it is difficult to adjust electrical wire in case of its damage.

So, the question with what device to choose for heating, was solved by itself. You need the electric boiler, more precisely its budget option which you will be able to make with own hands.

Even at its intensive use the account for electricity will differ not rather strongly from the possible gas bill. And the question connected with safety of operation of this equipment will not become the stumbling block which will be able negatively to influence the choice of electric boiler. To use the device working from power supply point in your house, much more safely than the gas boiler.

What does the electric boiler consist of?

Схема устройства электрокотла

Scheme of the device of the electric boiler.

The main part of each electric boiler on which the principle of its action is based is TEN. This part allows electrical energy to be transformed to heat energy. As for the boiler body, it can be manufactured practically of any heat resisting material. There are several options which will approach to provide operability of electric boilers. Ordinary steel pipes, both cast iron, and any dense steel box concern them even. If you expect that the electric boiler has to serve to you as much as possible, then it is better to use the pig-iron body. It is practically not exposed to corrosion which accompanies each heating equipment, plus to everything, this material does not allow soot to accumulate on its walls. The only thing that can become the reason for refusal of the pig-iron boiler, so is that material this insufficiently resistant to any mechanical influence. So if you intend to move constantly the electric boiler, then it is better to use steel.

Many refuse this idea because consider steel insufficiently strong, but it is worth noticing that it is possible only at misuse of the device. It is pretty difficult to allow it therefore if you are going to watch constantly the condition of your heating system, then it is possible to choose the steel body for the electric boiler absolutely quietly. In addition to ТЭНов, at boilers there have to be also other, additional elements, for example, the expansion tank, sensors, the circulation pulser, filters and valves.

The main subtleties in creation of the self-made electric boiler

The most important that needs to try to be mastered, so it the electric party of this device, will be able to cope with design any. Whereas to make the correct electric circuit own hands not everyone will be able and furthermore to provide those conditions which are necessary for full and effective operation of future boiler.

So, if the boiler uses alternative fuel, then no special difficulties in the course of heating of water should arise. TEN will cope with it, passing by which, water will be heated to necessary temperature. As for the way "passings" of water on the boiler, this process can be carried out in several ways. At the moment in increasing frequency in electric boilers for these purposes circulation pulsers are installed, but there is also the conservative way at which water circulates here naturally. This option will become the most suitable for equipment of the boiler installed in the house. In the course of operation of the pump water on radiator pipes pursues with such pressure that from it various noise which can become the reason of concern, irritations and headaches proceed. So, it increases even more your chances to make the electric boiler economically with own hands.

The main options of creation of the boiler for heating by the hands

To make the boiler, it is not obligatory to make any special calculations, to create drawings and so on. In most cases all this is already very long time ago developed by someone therefore if you rummage in the corresponding materials, then for certain you will find drawings which can be used also in your specific case.

There are several ways of designing of the boiler. The simplest provides such option at which TEN is mounted directly in electric heating system. Here drawings as will be to find the most dense pipe in the house enough will not even be necessary for you and to cut in it TEN. In addition the way, there is also what assumes use of the removable pipe of heating. This option will become the most suitable in that case when you need to remove TEN from time to time to clean, repair or replace it.

But creation of the real, separate boiler, let and the small sizes will become the most suitable and practical option. It is better to make such boiler of the steel pipe, at the same time it should be taken into account the fact that the overall performance of such boiler will be in inversely proportional dependence on its sizes. In other words, than less at you the boiler will turn out, it will work with that more effectively. It is connected with the fact that you should not heat excess water and, respectively, to spend your money for the spent electric power. Such boiler, with a diameter no more than 50 cm, will be capable to warm the house consisting of 2-3 rooms of the average size.

This pipe on both sides is ready electric or gas welding to provide the maximum sealing and isolation. For this purpose peculiar covers, one of which will be with the opening, will be necessary for you. Through it in radiators from the boiler supply of hot water will be carried out. And in the lower part of the pipe the opening is necessary for the supply in it the cold water which will be heated then. Thus, the electric boiler is made the hands or of the steel pipe, or of cast iron.

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