How to heat the housing

One of important components of house comfort is air temperature indoors, to equal 18-25 degrees at the relative humidity of 40-70%.

Отопление частного дома

Heating of the private house is very important for creation of comfortable accommodation in the house, and also maintenance of the organism in the healthy state.

Even small lowering of these characteristics can negatively affect health therefore care of the microclimate in the house is very important. Heating of the country house electricity well will be suitable for achievement of comfort. It most often does not demand special mounting and can individually be selected for each room of the house.

With the onset of cold weather there is quite natural question how to heat the housing. It is very important to make the optimum choice that the source of heat corresponded to financial opportunities not only now, but also many years later. At the choice it is important to be guided also by what resource is available: gas or electricity, or perhaps both. Now the huge choice of the different heating systems providing heating with electricity of the country house is presented at the market.
The huge variety of the equipment used today to heating allows to choose option for the room of any assignment.

Heating by electricity of the country house. Heating devices

Схема прокладки отопительных труб в доме

The scheme of laying of heating pipes in the house.

As electricity provided the places, most remote from the city, to them heating of the country house electric devices is quite natural.

The easiest way of heating of the indoor air - use of the figurative electric heater. The range of similar devices is very different and allows to choose suitable model easily. They are easy, compact, have interesting design and are available at the price. For the purpose of safety it is important not to leave devices unguarded included and not to have them near pieces of furniture.

The choice of devices for heating by electricity is very extensive therefore it follows will be limited to their transfer and the description only some of them:


To number of the modern heating systems favorable based on the ratio of the power of heating and the price, it is possible to carry infrared heaters. Their action is based on the principle of power exchange, that is the emitted energy is absorbed by the surface of walls, furniture, the floor, etc., and then the heated planes return heat to the room. Such devices are safe, and they are allowed to be used in houses with wooden finishing. Depending on the source of the consumed energy heaters are subdivided on diesel, gas, electric.

Conditioners with the thermal pump

Схема устройства водяного теплого пола

Scheme of the device of the water heat-insulated floor.

The unique opportunity of heating of the room is given by some models of conditioners which work not only for cooling of the room, but also for its heating. Such combination in off-season when central heating does not function yet, and the indoor air cool is convenient. The principle of the thermal pump installed in the unit design allows to increase temperature with smaller losses of energy that is quite economic. It is important to remember that it is possible to turn on the conditioner on heating at the temperature of fresh air to minus 5 degrees. At lower temperatures the unit can fail.

System heat-insulated floor

Electric heat-insulated floors have the mass of advantages. They are simple in use and laying, and the most important - provide uniform comfortable heating. The warm heating distributed on the floor surface in itself is better than the dot source of heat. Such system, unlike radiators or electric convectors, does not overdry air. Electric heat-insulated floors are used as the additional source of heat as very often there are restrictions on the connected power. Such way of heating perfectly resembles for bathrooms and surfaces with the ceramic covering.

Options of placement of different electric heaters in rooms of the country house

Схема установки электрического котла в систему отопления

The scheme of installation of the electric boiler in the system of heating.

The variety of electric heaters allows to pick up individual option of heating for different rooms of the house.

For halls, ladder marches and corridors electroconvectors - as this rather cheap and very simple equipment in the mounting will be the best choice. In bathrooms, in kitchens it is worth placing special moisture-proof convectors or heat-insulated floors as they are perfectly combined with each other. Infrared long-wave ceiling heaters which can perfectly warm both the floor, and the bed, and even carpets on the floor perfectly will be suitable for nurseries and bedrooms. And here for the most used rooms, such as dining rooms and living rooms, it is the best of all to use the combination of infrared panels and convectors that will allow to create zones of special thermal comfort.

If the house has something, similar to the winter garden, then for such room the best elections will be infrared heaters which will be able to create climate, natural to plants, and it is essential to save electrical energy.

If in the house or the apartment moistening, freezing or the namokaniye of walls is found, then all types of infrared heaters which transfer heat energy much more effectively, than any other types of heaters perfectly will help to cope with it. Besides, they can be applied freely at different heating of glass surfaces, such as stained-glass windows or show-windows to provide protection against freezing, formation of snow and ice.

As electricity to secure other schemes of heating in the country house

Схема устройства электрического отопления дома

Scheme of the device of electric heating of the house.

In buildings where heating of the house is carried out by traditional heating system with the gas or toplivozhidkostny boiler, there is the probability that the protective automatic system because of temporary power outage, low gas pressure or owing to breakdowns of pumps or fans will work that finally will lead to blackout of all heating system. Provided that there is no possibility of elimination of fault, the system of stationary electric heating is capable to provide reservation of heating in critical situation until as the main system of heating will be included.

As a rule, such system supports atmosphere level in those rooms where there are water locks to provide their not freezing and, respectively, prevention of the emergency.

Whether electric heating of the country house is favorable

Certainly it is favorable from the point of view of mounting and convenience of operation. It is unprofitable - from the position of cost of electric heating in operation. While gas cost significantly increases, cost of electricity does not fall.

Use of the multirate meter and heat accumulator allows to pull together significantly at the price this two types of heating of the country house, but practically deprives heating by electricity of its main advantages - convenience and simplicity.


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