Instrumentation and automated control systems

Какие устройства могут измерить давление?
What devices can measure pressure?

Pressure is characterized by force operating on the surface of the body. It is the important characteristic rendering, as well as the temperatuyora, influence on many technology and other processes.

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Как работает тензодатчик?
How does the strain gage work?

The strain gage is called the sensor transforming izmeryaeyomy deformation of solid bodies to the electric signal. Its work is characterized by tenzochuvstvitelnost coefficient.

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Переносной потенциометр ПП-63: порядок измерений
Portable potentiometer of PP-63: order of measurements

The potentiometer can work as the source measuring instrument э. of page as measuring instrument э. of page and tension and as source of the continuously adjustable tension (IRN) of the direct current. Measurement range - 0-100 mV.

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Ремонт термоэлектрических преобразователей
Repair of thermoelectric converters

The thermoconverter is taken to separate pieces, clean them from dirt and carefully examined. Emergence of cracks in thermoelectrodes can be the consequence of mechanical stresses.

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Устройство омических датчиков
Device of ohmic sensors

Ohmic sensors are simple, reliable in work therefore they are doyovolno widespread. They are used as elektrichesyoky sensors of mechanical movements, in the remote sleyodyashchy drive.

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Фотоэлектрические датчики
Photo-electric sensors

The sensor which reacts to change of illumination is called photo-electric. In such sensors 3 types of photoeffect are used: external, internal, valve.

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Разновидности электромагнитных реле
Kinds of electromagnetic relays

The electromagnetic relay reacts to change of any parameters short circuit or razmykayoniy the contacts. On the way of accession distinguish primary, secondary and intermediate relays.

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Виды контрольно-измерительных приборов
Types of instrumentations

Measuring apparatuses can be classified by different signs. The measurand sort, the way of counting, the class of accuracy and assignment matter.

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