What design of puskoreguliruyushchy devices for DRL lamps?

Devices for two-electrode lamps

These devices are intended for inclusion of two-electrode lamps like DRL and can be operated in industrial rooms with the normal environment with the temperature from — 10 up to +40 °C at the relative humidity up to 85%.

Схемы включения ламп типа ДРЛ

Schemes of inclusion of lamps like DRL. and — the scheme of the two-electrode lamp; — the scheme of the four-electrode lamp with the reactor: in — the scheme of the four-electrode lamp with the autotransformer; L — the lamp like DRL; Р — the reactor; and <д — the additional winding of the reactor (the ignition winding); RZ — the discharger; In — the selenic rectifier; R — the resistor; With — the condenser; Ат — the autotransformer.

Appayorat consists of the ballast throttle and the incendiary device. The scheme of such device is provided on fig. 1a. For all capacities of lamps the design of PRA remains identical.

The magnetic conductor of the throttle consists of 2 symmetric P-shaped steel cores. Adjustment of the throttle is carried out by means of change of width of air gap. The winding of the throttle is made of the copper wire of the design and estimate documentation brand. The winding of the incendiary device which is also executed by the copper wire of the design and estimate documentation brand is applied on the main winding of the throttle.

ПРА для двухэлектродной лампы типа ДРЛ

Figure 1. PRA for the two-electrode lamp like DRL.

The ready throttle is located in the metal casing having 2 compartments. In the lower compartment the throttle which is filled in with bitumen is placed, and the upper compartment is intended for placement of the incendiary device.

The incendiary device is mounted on the insulating panel and 8,2 kOhm (6 pieces) and the MBGCh-1,250 V condenser, 0,5 microfarad consist of the selenic ABC-6-840M rectifier connected consistently with the resistance of the MLT-0,5 type. Parallel to the selenic rectifier 3 KSO-2 condensers, 500 V, 1 000 pF are switched on. R-5 discharger. The shunt capacitance — the MBGCh-1,250 V condenser, 1 microfarad. In the upper compartment input blocks of the dlyavklyucheniye of the device in the scheme are placed. On sidewalls of the casing there are 2 input branch pipes with the condensing glands for input of the feeding wires, and from above on the cover the opening through which replacement of the discharger can be carried out is provided. The appearance of such device is shown in fig. 1.

Devices for four-electrode lamps

The industry 2 main types of devices for inclusion of four-electrode lamps of DRL of the built-in and independent execution are issued. The first type of the device is intended for embedding in the closed lamps of outside lighting and can be operated at the ambient air temperature from — 25 up to +30 °C of iotnositelny humidity up to 90%. The second type of the device is supplied with the protection cover therefore it is installed separately from the lamp and can be operated in production rooms with the normal environment and with the ambient air temperature from 0 to +45 °C with the relative humidity to 85%. Performed by PS the device can be operated at ambient air temperatures from 0 to +60 °C. There is also the modification of the device performed by UN which is intended for operation in installations of outside lighting with the ambient air temperature from — 25 to + 30 °C and is mounted separately from the lamp.

The device represents the inductive simmetriyorovanny throttle collected on the magnetic conductor of sboryony rod type. Adjustment of the throttle osushchestyovlyatsya by installation of laying from the elektrrkarton in air gap with the subsequent tie of the magnetic conductor brackets and pins. The winding of the throttle of the built-in type is carried out by the copper winding wire of the PETV brand, and independent execution — the PEL brand wire. The ready throttle becomes covered with varnish of the ML-92 brand and at independent execution is located in the pressurized metal casing, is filled up with quartz sand and filled in with the RC brand compound.

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