Grounding of the washing machine the hands

Ways of grounding of electric devices are identical. Grounding sources can be different. I want to share with you the technology which I used in the private house when grounding the washing machine. Some kind of "personal" ground loop of vertical grounding conductors turned out.

Заземление стиральной машины

Grounding of the washing machine.

In article on the website "Installation of the Washing Machine the Hands" I described how it is possible to make the absorption hole. It is the hole diameter of the automobile tire of R-14. Now around the hole I hammered three armatures with a diameter of 16 mm and 1.7 meters long - the isosceles triangle with the party 1.0 meter turned out. Hammered so that the top of the armature was 20-25 cm lower than the surface. It is necessary in order that on this site it was possible to make landings of vegetables and the contour at the same time did not disturb. Connected the ends of the armature welding, but crossing points already took 8 mm.

From one corner which is closer to the sewer pipe stretched branch by the same armature, as on crossing points of 8 mm. Also laid it near the sewer pipe. And further, in the place where the armature came to the surface, welded the bolt from which the copper wire stretched to the washing machine.

Схема подключения стиральной машины к сети электропитания

Scheme of connection of the washing machine to network of power supply.

On the back wall there is the special bolt for grounding of the washing machine. Also we fasten the earth wire to this bolt.

It would seem, on it and all. But there is such concept – grounding power. It is possible to measure it as follows: in the socket where there is zero (previously to check the indicator), we insert the wire of our grounding. We disconnect the stopper or the automatic machine in the guard of the zero wire and we include loading, one bulb, the second, and we measure tension. It will not make 220 V, but if from load of 200 W at you tension fell up to 160 V, then the power of your contour is small, it is necessary to increase it. Illegal you do nothing. If you disconnected zero stopper, the counter will work in the mode and to consider how it is necessary.

At me and it turned out, tension fell to hammer to 160 V. Prishlos three more armatures with the party of 1.6 m and also to make the binding and to connect to the first contour.

After additive of electrodes and increase in the area of the contour falling became less.

Now it turned out the effective grounding device which can be used for all electric devices in your house and which will serve you as the guarantor of safety. As the contour is located around the absorption hole, soil in this place will always be crude that does the grounding conductor more effective, table salt can fill in the hole that will reduce resistance between electrodes.

Here I recommend such "recipe" for those who look for options of grounding of the washing machine.

  1. Foma

    According to the international standard of safety for household electric units touch tension on earth enclosures of electric units with protection operation duration more than 1 second (or not its operation) has to be no more than 12 volts at the current proceeding through the body of the person no more 2nd milliampere. Ground resistance of the neutral of the feed transformer no more than 4 ohms, really is about 1.5 ohms, resistance of the phase wire and the place of fault to frame about 0.5 ohms, total 2 ohms. In order that on earth enclosures safe stress of touch was necessary that resistance of the grounding contour in the house was 12/220=0.0545 part from resistance of other sites of the chain of K.Z on the body. Or 2*0.0545=0.11 ohms. And the tenth ohm more! Let's check. 220/2.11 =104.27 ampere.0.11 * 104.27=11.46 volts - calculation is right. That is resistance of your ground loop should not be more than 0.11 ohms in any way, and maybe it is less of that, it is necessary to know resistance of the grounding contour of substation. It is possible to make such contour, having earthed monthly products of iron and steel works. For this reason as the protective measure at the deadly earthed neutral of the transformer nulling is applied. But it is strictly forbidden to carry out nulling by the working zero conductor, especially if the power supply to the house moves on the overhead power transmission line. But it is possible to correct the situation. The ground loop already is. Now it is necessary to make at the overhead power transmission line repeated grounding on three support. On previous, that with which there is the power supply to the house and the subsequent. In the hole of 70 centimeters in depth you hammer the steel probe three meters long, you weld on it or by means of the bolt you attach descent on the support of the steel wire with a diameter not less than 6 millimeters and you attach it to the zero wire on the support. The maximum resistance is-30 ohms. On the input guard to the house you establish OUZO on the 300th milliampere of the setting of operation, the stiralka you protect OUZO on the 30 or 10 milliampere of the setting of operation. Each electric unit in the house connected to the ground loop has to have such own OUZO. Resistance of the ground loop has to be sufficient for operation of OUZO on the 300th milliampere.220/0.3 of =733 ohms at most. Then you will have the classical power supply diagram of the TT. Well and competently it is necessary to service it - to check the condition of ground loops and operability of OUZO at least the button the test. Well, though it is not obligatory, to pick up the corresponding automatic cut. If your ground loop has resistance of 10 ohms, then 220/10 =22 amperes, then the automatic machine with the setting no more than 22/3 =7.33 amperes that of course it is not enough therefore with it it is possible and not to bother. But one ground loop without OUZO - is not enough.

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  2. Denis

    There is no such concept grounding power, there is ground resistance.

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