How to mount adjusting products?

Adjusting (for switches and plug adapters) and terminal boxes place in previously prepared slots so that their front covers were in the plane of the plastered walls. Fastening of boxes in slots is made alabaster solution.

Примеры монтажа установочных приборов

Examples of mounting of adjusting devices.

Boxes for installation of switches, switches and plug adapters at the buried electrical wiring make in the majority the of plastic. On boxes nadruba for input of wires are made. Nadruba  which correspond to the direction of the route before installation of the box to the slot delete.

In the body of the terminal boxes serving for connection and the branch of wires for the buried wiring there are thin sites intended for input of wires. When wiring these sites delete. Switches, plug adapters fix in adjusting boxes or in special slots by means of spreader padsFor this purpose the plug adapter or the switch are screwed on the spreader bracket  which together with the body of the switch is established in the slot intended for the switch. At the same time spreader claws have to rest against walls and it is good to keep. Screws serve for drawing apart spreader pads.

Монтаж розетки с заземлением

Mounting of the ground outlet.

When performing open wiring plug adapters, switches, switches, wall and ceiling cartridges screw two screws on podrozetnik diameter which is a little exceeding diameter of the product. Podrozetniki fix to brick and concrete walls by means of plastic dowels or, what is worse, by means of the wooden pegs hammered into the slots prepared for them.

At the preparatory stage of wiring preparations prepare also complete lines of lighting wiring using products and nodes of factory production. For this purpose determine the number of standard rooms by the project. On each type of the room or apartment in general make the unrolled scheme of wiring with the instruction on it all sizes of highways and branches taking into account the stock of wires for connections and connection to devices.

According to the scheme calculate cutting of wires  then collect the scheme of all wiring according to the number of rooms of each type. Then the scheme of the electrical wiring is checked ("ring out"), welded or pressed and isolate all connections and branches of wires. The prepared electrical wiring is taken up in bays and marked on types of rooms.

Under the term "ring out" understand check of integrity of veins (chains) and lack of their short circuit among themselves or on the earth. The origin of the term "ring out" is connected with what originally to performance of such checks was applied by electric calls, buzzers, etc. which included in the chain containing the checked conductor, the current source and the device indicator, and they signaled about availability of the circuit current, i.e. about its integrity.

Mounting of the prepared electrical wiring in rooms (it belongs already to the main works) comes down to laying and fastening of wires and the dividing boxes, assembly of connections of certain sites of the scheme and connection to guards and lamps. Such sequence of electric installation work allows to carry out the most part them in convenient stationary conditions that increases labor productivity and increases quality of electric installation work.

The main works come down to the fact that:

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