Five-horn chandelier in the metallic circuit

For example, in your house in rooms there are rocker switches on the two-conductor electrical wiring.

Наглядная схема подключения пятирожковой люстры

Visual scheme of connection of the five-horn chandelier.

And in one of rooms the chandelier on three bulbs in which one or two are unscrewed to save on weekdays hangs. And here you came into shop of home appliances, and you liked the chandelier on 5 bulbs which also halogen.

What to do? Galogenka do not get out, they even should be put through the rag not to leave greasy marks from hands, differently will fuse quickly.

Подключение пятирожковой люстры к двухпроводной линии

Connection of the five-horn chandelier to the metallic circuit.

In this case it is necessary to buy the switch represented from above, 30 cm of the wire of two-core 1,5 cm / 2. At home it is necessary to study attentively the scheme which is represented lower.

On the scheme two switches: one – already available on the wall, and the second – bought.

The last will hang down from the chandelier down on any distance what you want.

The scheme is simple, it is possible to distribute bulbs in options 2+3, 1+4, 3+2. The part of bulbs will join from already available switch, and the second – from new.

Here such option can be used in similar situations, and walls at the same time should not be hollowed.

It is possible to use any other switch or even the toggle-switch. It has no basic value.

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