What security measures at service of electric units?

Surveys of electric units

Electric units look round without removal from them of tension, far from current carrying parts. Defects come to light visually and aurally.

Осмотры электроустановок

Surveys of electric units.

The person on duty with qualification group not lower than III has the right of individual survey of the elektroustayonovka or the adminiyostrativno-technical worker having the V group in installations napryazheyoniy is higher than 1 LLC V also the IV group in electric units below 1 LLC V.

As a rule, at surveys it is impossible to pass for barriers, to remove them and to enter the cameras of distributing devices which do not have barriers. If necessary it is allowed to the worker with qualification group not lower than IV to enter for barrier, but provided that current carrying parts are unavailable, i.e. the lower flanges of insulators are from the floor at distance more than 2 m, but not protected current carrying parts — at distance more than 2,75 m at the voltage of 35 kV and 3,5 m at the voltage of 110 kV.

Допустимые расстояния от места производства работ до токоведущих частей в зависимости от их напряжения

Admissible distances from the place of production of works to current carrying parts depending on their tension.

At smaller distances it is possible to enter for barrier only priyosutstviya of the second person having qualification group not lower than III and provided that current carrying parts are at distance not less specified in tab. 1

In order to avoid penetration into the room of the electric unit of postoronyony persons or animals of the room lock.

The personnel on duty for each room have several sets of keys, from them one set use on duty, obsluyozhivayushchy this electric unit, other set — emergency.

The person on duty gives other sets of keys on receipt to responsible heads, operators and observing. Keys are given only for the operating time and have to be given back after its termination.

Operational switchings

 Shutdowns and changes in circuitries can be made only according to the order or with the consent of those deyozhurny personnel, under management or under authority of which this equipment is. At the fires, accidents or at spontaneous bedyostviye it is possible to switch-off immediately electric equipment without approval of higher personnel on duty, but it is obligatory with its subsequent notification.

The order is considered executed after the person on duty reports about it personally or by phone to the duty dispatcher of the power supply system, the seteyovy area, the duty engineer, i.e. the person which gave the order. To Rukoyovodstvovatsya by indications of devices, messages of faces of not operation personnel about implementation of the order it is impossible.

Структура классификатора

Structure of the qualifier.

The person making the order about switchings is obliged to check the sequence of transactions of the operational scheme. The person on duty who received the order is obliged to repeat it and to write down in the operational magazine.

According to the operational scheme or the model this person on duty plans the order of operations. If switchings carry out 2 persons, then the first person, явля­ющееся the senior, explains to second (performer) the task and the posledovayotelnost of its performance.

In the electric units over 1 LLC V which are not equipped completely with blocking from the wrong operations with disconnectors, difficult switchings are made according to forms.

In the form of switchings record of all operations about inclusion and shutdown of electric equipment precisely in that sequence is made, in kotoyory these operations have to be carried out.

Simple switchings on one electric accession and the pereyoklyucheniye in the installations which are completely equipped with blocking of razjediniyotel from the wrong operations can be carried out without forms.

Forms of switchings are filled and signed by the person on duty who is the direct performer. The senior person on duty, kontroliyoruyushchy performance of operations, checks the form and also signs it. On site works the senior person on duty reads the content of operation, the performer repeats read and starts performance. The senior controls actions of the performer and at once notes operation performance in the form. At doubt in correctness of operations work stops before clarification of the correct order of switchings. If the person on duty does switchings individually, then he reads the sequence of operations, указаннх in the form, by phone to the senior person on duty who gave rasporyazheyony. This person on duty is the controlling person.

The performer is obliged to get permission to switchings by phone just before their performance.

Accession is included or disconnected by means of switches. If the switch has the manual drive, then operations with it are carried out in dielectric gloves, from the isolating basis. It is necessary to include the vyklyuyochatel quickly and resolutely against the stop.

Меры безопасности при обслуживании электроустановок

Security measures at service of electric units.

Shutdown and turning on of disconnectors is carried out, as a rule, without loading. Disconnectors allow to disconnect earth fault currents and charge currents of air or cable lines not above of given:

Disconnectors should be turned on breakthrough. If at the same time there is the arch, then knives should be finished. Otherwise reverse motion of the knife will cause development of the arch and accident. It is necessary to switch-off disconnectors, on the contrary, slowly, especially at the initial moment. If there is the arch at withdrawal of knives from sponges, then the disconnector should be turned on back.

Disconnectors disconnect (include) in dielectric gloves. Disconnectors with incremental management and with the vertical arrangement — in dielectric gloves, with use of the isolating bars and costing on the isolating basis. The person on duty having not less than the IV qualification group can be the senior. Simple switchings on one electric accession are allowed to be carried out to the operational persoyonal having not below than the IV qualification group, individually.

To check lack of tension, it is allowed to impose and remove figurative grounding not less than to two performers.

In installations up to 1 Ltd company one worker having the III qualification group if he on duty, or the IV qualification group switches To the equipment if he is not the person on duty.

The personnel which are carrying out switchings have to know well that in the disappearance sluyochaa tension can be given without preduprezhdeyoniya again - both in the conditions of normal operation, and at accidents.

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