How to carry out artificial respiration and indirect massage of heart?

For performing artificial respiration of the victim it is necessary to lay on the back, to undo the clothes constraining breath, to provide passability of upper airways. Helping bends to the face of the victim, does the deep exhalation, with some effort blowing air into the mouth of the victim and at the same time closing his nose hand fingers. As soon as the thorax rises, forcing of air is stopped,  helping turns the person aside, there is the passive exhalation at the victim.

Проведение искусственного дыхания способом “изо рта в рот” и непрямого массажа сердца

Performing artificial respiration in the way "from the mouth in the mouth" and indirect massage of heart.

If at the victim pulse well is defined and only artificial respiration is necessary, then the interval between artificial breaths has to make 5 with (12 respiratory cycles a minute).

If jaws of the victim are densely squeezed and it is not possible to open the mouth, it is necessary to carry out artificial respiration "from the mouth to the nose".

The adult needs to make 15-18 breaths a minute.

Stop artificial respiration after recovery at affected rather deep and rhythmical independent breath.

If the victim has pale integuments or cyanotic color, consciousness loss, lack of pulse on carotids, the termination of breath or convulsive, wrong sighs, then it is necessary to carry out outside massage of heart together with artificial respiration.

At cardiac arrest, without losing seconds, the victim it is necessary to lay on the equal rigid basis: the bench, the floor, the board (no rollers under shoulders and under the neck can be enclosed).

If one person helps, he is located sideways from the victim and, having bent, does two fast vigorous inflations (on the way "of the mouth in the nose"), then rises, remaining on the same party from the victim, the palm of one hand puts on the lower half of the breast (having receded two fingers above from its bottom edge), and raises fingers. He puts the palm of the second hand across or lengthways and presses, helping the inclination of the body. Hands when pressing have to be straightened in elbow joints.

Pressing should be made fast pushes, so to displace the breast on the 4-5th, pressing duration - no more than 0,5 pages.

If revival is carried out by one person, then on each two inflations he carries out 15 pressings on the breast. In 1 min. it is necessary to make not less than 60 pressings and 12 inflations.

If resuscitation events are held correctly, integuments of the victim turn pink, pupils are narrowed, independent breath is recovered.

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