How to make grounding?

Getting the land plots and getting permission to carrying out electricity, the land owner faces the problem of mounting of the ground loop.

Схема заземления частного дома

Grounding diagram of the private house.

In this article we will describe the easiest way of laying of the grounding wire. First of all it is necessary to choose the place for mounting of the ground loop. It is desirable that it was located near the grounded electric unit (the power board). For performance of electric installation work you will need the steel corner (50 x 50 x 5 mm) of 9 meters and the steel strip (4 x 40 mm) of 9 meters + distance from the ground loop to the power board.

Now we take the rake and begins to dig the trench (width of 0,5 meters and depth of 0,8 meters). It is necessary to dig out the equilateral triangle (3 x 3 x 3 meters). Then we drill 3 wells of 3 meters in depth on triangle corners and drives in 3 corners on 3 meters there. In order that the corner was freely driven in into the earth, the ends it it is necessary to sharpen by means of the Bulgarian. If soil on the site favorable is also desire and forces to chuck in with the sledge hammer the corner 3 meters, then it is possible not to drill. We weld on three grounding conductors (corners) installed in the earth on perimeter the steel strip.

The center of grounding is ready, now it is necessary to dig out the trench (width of 0,5 meters and depth of 0,8 meters) to the house. We stack the steel strip in the trench. One end of the strip the second is welded on the ground loop, and - on the power board. We dig in soil the ready design. Trenches have to be filled with the homogeneous soil which is not containing crushed stone and construction debris.

If you on the land plot have natural grounding conductors (metal columns of the fence, metal support), then for reduction of resistance of the grounding device it is desirable to attach them to the scheme of the ground loop. All connections of the ground loop are carried out by welding.

Then it is required to carry out measurement of the ground loop (measurement of size of resistance of the grounding device). It is possible to execute electromeasurements by the ohmmeter of M416 or other measuring apparatuses. If you have no opportunity to measure the ground loop (measurement of size of resistance of the grounding device), then it is required to summon qualified specialists from electrolaboratory. Remember that high-quality grounding will protect you from defeat by electric current.

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