Wall lamps: assignment, description, choice

In USAn for designation of the wall lamp the foreign word of "sconce" is used long ago. According to the dictionary by Ushakov, the word "sconce" comes from the French word "bras" that it is literally translated as "hand" and really means "the wall candlestick". It is quite probable that wall lamps received such name because of the design which cornerstone the torch design is: the light source strengthened on the holder.

Схема настенного светильника 200 W

Scheme of the wall lamp 200 W.

It is curious that many modern artists create models which design causes association with the first lighting instruments — the torches lighting the dwelling of the ancient person.

Wall lamps belong to the category of additional lighting instruments though very often they play the role of the main source of light, for example, in rooms, small by the size.

As the source of additional lighting the lamp model made in the form of the stylized small lamp with the glazed walls is very curious, for example.

The sconces issued by crystal suspenders are very beautiful. Refracting warm light from the electric lamp, they create delightful play of light in transparent edges.

Подключение бра

Connection of the sconce.

One of the main requirements to the wall systems of illumination – the harmonious combination on color and materials to the chandelier. According to specialists, it is desirable that it were products from one producer, with identical plafonds and design of the basis. Therefore many western producers which are releasing lighting instruments aim to create the possibility of selection of the complete set of lamps in one collection. Also floor lamps (floor lamps) and chandeliers of similar design enter this collection.

For production of modern wall lamps such materials as dairy and laid on and colored glass, transparent or colored organic glass and also color plastic, the armature from metal painted by color enamels or trimmed with decorative protective electroplated coatings, parts from ceramics, the tree are widely used.

The modern models of wall lamps representing compositions from several layers of the painted glass and the reflecting smooth surfaces are interesting.

Very gracefully the sconce executed in the form of the butterfly looks and not less elegantly the model of the wall lamp issued in the form of the flame aura looks.

One of the new requirements to lamps for placement on the wall imposed today by designers of Western Europe – to make it most "invisible". The model of the squared lamp which was created by designers of Italy meets these requirements.

The modest design allows modern wall lamps, without drawing attention to the finishing, to create illusion of "live" light which as if in itself softly streams from the wall.

It is very graceful, despite simplicity of execution, option of wall lighting instrument which is offered by the Swedish designers: the opaque sphere suspended on the bracket.

And artists from Denmark offer the whole collection of the models, very modest on design, which are almost merging with the wall today. The same collection turns on also other lamps of the similar style direction.

According to the Danish producers, these lighting instruments will well look both in the classical interior, and in the interior issued in modernist style. The emphasis at production of the wall lamp can be placed on its fastening. The western producers offer models which "highlight" are brackets, the fixing sconces to the wall. They can be executed in the form of different flower, abstract or other compositions.

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