Zero and zero, in what the difference

Today the huge set of articles is devoted the electrician and nearly not one grant, whether it be the electronic edition or article committed to paper does not avoid all the famous conductor having the abbreviation of N (zero conductor). In one articles write zero to others zero. Therefore there is the question how it is correct to call the clear and at the same time mysterious conductor of N, zero or zero?

Сосредоточенная трехфазная нагрузка

The concentrated three-phase loading.

Before answering the question posed, I offer, will plunge into t.e etymology in science which correctly interprets words.

Zero comes from the Latin word "NULLUS" - any, empty, not existing. In USAn, zero was borrowed from German, by" NULL".

Scientists brought in USA "NULL", at the time of Peter I. Till Petrovsky times were engaged in calculations by means of Roman numerals.
Zero in the dictionary of the USAn synonyms.
for no reason the bald patch, nothing, riff-raff, the tenth needle, the retired goat the drummer, is big the bird, the last needle in the chariot, the small fry, zero without stick, the smallness, the zero, ниль, the little person, the abbreviated piece of nothing, nobody, the cog in the wheel, шиш, zero, the zero cycle, the small insect, шушваль, negligibility, the pygmy, the worm, the trifle, the worm, worthless things, riff-raff, the cone out of the blue, the grain of sand, the blank space, the mizdryushka, the zero, the nulevka, the normal level, pettiness, the pawn, the plant louse, the spot out of the blue, small fry, the soap bubble, incompetent, stryutsky, нулик

What is zero and zero?

From the Reference book on USAn

1. There are two forms: zero and zero. In terminological value (especially in oblique cases) the second is usually used, for example: equals to zero, temperature keeps on zero. In set expressions both forms meet, cf.: a) zero whole, zero attention, in twelve zero-zero; b) the absolute zero, round zero to address in zero, to reduce to zero.

The derivative adjective is usually formed from the form zero, for example: zero meridian, zero run.

If zero or zero mean is empty why it then is necessary?

We do not consider the decanter in the house useless capacity, the vessel which could be thrown out. Agree, on everything there is time. The decanter can remain some time empty, then, in some cases, we will want to use for liquid filling.
How the zero conductor is used?
For the single-phase chain zero is just the name of the conductor which is not under high potential concerning the earth.

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