General information about refrigerators

The refrigerator intends for freezing of products and storage their long period of time, preparation of ice in the freezer, coolings of products, drinks, fruit and vegetables and their short-term storage in the unit refrigerator.

Пример схемы агрегата холодильника

Example of the scheme of the unit of the refrigerator.

Starting operation, it is necessary to study the corresponding instruction for the refrigerator of this brand. The operation manual needs to be kept throughout all operational term of the refrigerator.

In refrigerators with two cameras intended for storage of products (freezing and refrigerating), both cameras are cooled with individual refrigerating units that gives the chance to disconnect one of them while another continues to work. The freezer can work in two modes: in the storages mode and in the freezings mode.

Modern refrigerators are very often equipped with the sound alarm system which warns that the door of the refrigerator is open more than 30 sec.

Устройство холодильника

Refrigerator device: 1 – freezer; 2 – evaporator; 3 – liquid coolant; 4 – condenser; 5 – the compressor with the electric drive.

The refrigerator has to be installed in the non-residential premise, for example in kitchen. Indoor temperature has to be in the range of 10-32 °C, and the relative humidity should not exceed 75%. The refrigerating unit turns on in network with tension of 198-242 V with the frequency of current of 50 Hz. At installation of the refrigerator in other rooms, for example, in the bedroom, it should be taken into account the noise level which publishes the refrigerator during the work installed by manufacturer and specified in the operation manual.

ATTENTION! The room in which the refrigerator is installed has to have the minimum area of 5 m ² and ceiling height not lower than 2,3 m.

The type of protection of the refrigerator against defeat by the current – the class I also has to be connected to the network circuit by means of the bipolar socket with the grounding contact. The qualified electrician can install the socket with the grounding contact. The instruction attached to the refrigerator contains all technical characteristics. Before inclusion in network the refrigerator needs to be sustained for 6 h at the temperature of 15-20 °C if its transportation happened at ambient temperature below +10 °C.

It is necessary to know:

  1. Control and maintain air humidity indoors;
  2. Load the product the cooled products, products are not intended for the dookhlazhdeniye (domorazhivaniye);
  3. Call employees of customer service.
  1. Temperature in different points of the cooled volume differs depending on distance to the evaporator and the way of air circulation (static and dynamic cooling) a little, and the controller shows average temperature.
  2. The compressor of the product works cyclically, being switched off at achievement of the set temperature, and turning on at increase it at the established size, at the same time temperature in isolated points of the cooled volume can quickly increase.
  3. During the operating time of refrigerating appliances the compressor periodically stops for defrosting of the evaporator, but at the time of defrosting temperature in the cooled volume can increase a little.
  4. All these deviations are admissible and are in limits of the technical parameters set by standards if operating conditions are not violated.

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