Councils and recommendations about service of electric equipment

Work of the electrician on service of electric equipment comes down to maintenance of the operating and safe state of electrical machines, start-protective devices, devices of lighting, the alarm system and automatic equipment that all and is called electric equipment and also wires, cables, connectors, clips, wiring products, etc. Different elements, for example, resistors, condensers, semiconductor devices can be the part of devices. The electrician has to be familiar with all these elements, devices and devices, but during the work he meets many questions and difficulties, especially at young age when there is not enough experience. The purpose of this article is acquaintance of the electrician to electric equipment and other components of electric units regarding their safety, non-failure operation, increase in service life.

Схема котельной на сетевом газе

The scheme of the boiler room on network gas.

After delivery of the electric unit in operation and the first start-up – "course of life" of this equipment begins. In the course of operation of the equipment it will be influenced by all heavy factors of production, it and the condition of mains voltage, the equipment which costs in the sheaf mechanically and electrically, and the number of many other influences breaking reliability of electric equipment. And the most important what will be service of this electric equipment.

The corresponding supervision is necessary for maintenance of the equipment in good operating condition: these are the correct and attentive surveys and timely prevention and repair.

Let's stop on the very first point – survey which has to be made attentively and competently. The closest attention should be paid to the capital equipment which the long time is in work, without stops, in view of specifics of production. For example, we will take the boiler room which uses network gas. Assignment heating of city hospital, two schools, three kindergartens and some more several consumers of heat energy and hot water. The capital equipment works at such site without stops all heating season, this at least half a year. And, of course, such equipment has to be properly prepared for the heating season.

Пломбы энергонадзора

On each metering station there have to be power supervision seals.

Besides, the part remains in work. This equipment of hot water supply which practically works for years without stops, of course, such equipment has to be prepared honestly and with excellent quality. No matter, what site services electrotechnical personnel, the main thing is the quality of work. The following equipment is under authority of the electrician: electric motors, fans, smoke exhausters, starting equipment, panel board nodes, metering devices, distribution cabinets, breakers, lighting, emergency lighting, etc. Morning of the working day has to begin with the bypass and survey of the entrusted equipment. Little changes in operation of the equipment have to draw your attention. Electric motors, in addition to visual survey, need to be checked for vibration and temperature condition.

To check the condition of grounding and the suitable cable. It is obligatory to open distribution cabinets from which electric motors are powered and it will be convinced that all cables in the normal state, and there are no traces or places of heating. In the course of work and such surveys the equipment needs to be known as they say "on teeth" - one engine has working temperature one, and another absolutely another, and it is normal. All equipment has to have correctly executed and visible grounding.

Even if it also costs on grounding. Metering stations have to be sealed up. During surveys it is obligatory to pay attention to the condition of seals. If someone accidentally breaks the seal, then have to inform you. Power supervision is the business serious. It is possible to make duplicative seals on the printer, for example, "Not to open it is sealed up".

Коврики электробезопасности

Before each locker there has to be the electrical safety rug.

Them it will be visible from a distance (on the photo it is visible). All cabinets have to be reliably closed from strangers. And strangers everything, except you. Besides, on the equipment there have to be texts that it from where it is written down, INN, on engines, the arrow of the rotation sense. In pictures it can be seen.

During survey it is possible to rub off dust. If in the cabinet the spider line and dust began to appear, she can be moved away, without disconnecting, by means of the vacuum cleaner with the plastic nozzle. At all cabinets dielectric rugs have to lie. After survey it is possible to come into the office, to drink to tea and to write down all notes in the working magazine. Such magazine has to be obligatory, not to remember everything whatever was memory. Accustom yourself to such order surely. And for repairs - on repaired to display the separate magazine, and all works at least in brief if only you could in the year, having looked, to remember everything. And now it is possible to go and start elimination of the collected works, having defined first-priority.

Article is still in the raw. Over time I will correct it. If you were interested in the provided material, monitor updating.

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