Service of the outside electrical wiring

External signs of fault of the electrical wiring is burn-out of safety locks or automatic protection devices and emergence of the specific smell of burned isolation, sometimes sparking or overheating of wiring.

Схема установки наружной проводки

Scheme of installation of outside wiring.

Damages of the electrical wiring and its elements can happen because of the negligent or careless address with it, as a result of low-quality performance of installation works, at physical wear of wires and cables. At technical maintenance of internal
electroconductings check the condition of wires and cables and their isolation, the tension and fixing of wires on rollers and insulators.

The drooped and loose wires and cables tighten and reliably fix. At detection of the damaged rollers, insulators, insulating tubes, porcelain funnels and plugs they are immediately replaced with others. The damaged sites of wiring replace new. If isolation of wires is damaged, it is allowed to isolate the damaged site of wiring the adhesive insulating tape or the tube from the isolating material.

Правильная установка крюков и изоляторов

Correct installation of hooks and insulators: 1 — cement mortar; 2 — the wire; 3 — the hook; 4 — the insulator; 5 — tying; 6 — the wire for input accession.

At repair of the room wiring puttying by lime, whitewashing or painting by paint as hit on wires of water and paint removers worsens their isolation that can lead to the short circuit is not allowed.

Water gets into cracks, is absorbed in hygroscopic materials, defamed, dissolves acids and alkalis, forming electrolytes. The last destroy not only insulating materials, but also metals.

It is not allowed to veil wires carpets, portieres, curtains and other flammable materials. It is impossible to suspend wires on the nail, to delay them the wire or the rope, to hang up something on them.
It is necessary to take measures that during the rain or thawing of snow did not fill in them for protection of lines of wires which pass on walls of buildings. In production rooms (joiner's and similar) the thicket should make cleaning of wires, it is possible to use the vacuum cleaner at the same time.

The electrical wiring and its elements are periodically examined and checked. The number of periodic surveys of the electrical wiring depends on its design and the characteristic of the room. The malfunctions revealed at survey, defects, damages eliminate immediately.

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