The actions ensuring safety of works in electric units

Organizational actions, obespechivayoyushchy safety of work in electric units, are:

Обслуживание электроустановок

If in the electric unit construction repair works are carried out, then shall be present observing which controls that workers did not come nearer there where there is tension.

In the operating electric units installation and repair works carry out only according to the order of the persons, responsible for the condition of the electric unit, authorized for it by the order on the enterprise (chiefs of electroworkshops, substations, network areas, their deputies, masters). The engineers, technicians, masters and other technical officers having the V qualification group and included in the special list, utveryozhdenny by the chief engineer of the enterprise can be appointed responsible heads of work.

The producer of work appoints the foreman, the senior mounter, the experienced mounter is not lower than IV qualification groups.

The list of names of the persons able to be the appointed operators of the dress, is approved as the chief engineer of the enterprise.

By production in electric units of repair construction works the order is issued for observing. Observing watches that working did not approach the current carrying parts which are energized, barriers, devices, did not remove, did not rearrange them and did not go out of the site allocated for work. He is responsible for sufficiency of the taken protective measures and for electrical safety of rabotayoyushchy. If work is carried out without removal or with partial removal the napryazheyoniya, the worker having kvaliyofikatsionny group not lower than IV can perform functions of observing, and during the works with full removal the napryazheyoniya and far from the current carrying parts which are energized of nablyuyodayushchiya can have the III group.

Схемы измерения напряжения

Schemes of strain measurement.

The admission to work is carried out by the shift supervisor of electroworkshop or the senior person on duty on substation. These persons have to have qualification group not lower than IV.

The work order in electric units is called the written order defining the place, time of the cut-in and condition of its production, the structure of crew and the persons responsible for safety working. Dresses have the right to give out the persons authorized for that by the order on the enterprise having the V qualification group and belonging to administrative technicians. The dress is handed to the operator by the person on duty after preparation of the workplace, during the admission of crew. The order is issued for the entire period of work. The term of its action is not limited.

At breaks in work the dress remains deystviyotelny if the working conditions relating to preparation and the condition of the workplace did not change. Change and expansion of the workplace of the vozyomozhna only if the new dress is written out. Daily upon termination of the working day the dress is given to the person on duty.

When work is finished completely, the dress is closed. After closing of the dress nobody has the right to approach installation. The workplace has to be removed. The crew leaves, and installation is considered being energized. The producer and the responsible head of works undersign about completion of work, the dress is given to operation personnel.

The admission to work

The operation personnel carries out technical actions for preparation of the workplace usually for 1-2 h prior to works. Before the cut-in the responsible head, the producer of work and allowing (the senior person on duty) check again whether all security measures are executed, and only after that allowing starts the admission of crew:

Инструктаж бригады перед началом работ крайне необходим.

Instructing of crew before works is extremely necessary.

After the admission the operator has no right to leave from the place of work and to leave crew without supervision. The admission to work is made ezheyodnevno.

In installations without personnel on duty after arrival to the place of work of the mobile repair crew the responsible head and the producer of work if they have the rights of operation personnel, having got permission of the network area on duty by phone, do necessary switchings and prepare jobs. They allow crew to work. In posleyoduyushchy days the producer allows to work. If none of the soyostav of crew have the rights of operation personnel, preparation of the workplace and the admission are carried out by the operational mobile team.

Перерыв на обед

During lunch or any other break all workers are obliged to leave power plant, previously having closed it on the lock.

If during the operating time of crew there comes the break, then all are obliged to leave the electric unit, having locked the entrance to it. The dress remains at the producer of work or observing. Without producer of work or observing to nobody from working to come to the place of work it does not razreyoshatsya. After the termination of the break the producer of work or observing collects crew, accompanies it to the place of work and allows to work. If having rummaged in work it is caused by need of trial inclusion of the napryayozheniye, all members of crew leave the electric unit. The producer of the rayobota hands over the dress. The crew is allowed to work after trial inclusion again.

Chances when it is required to put immediately into operation the equipment, vyveyodenny in repair. The operation personnel is able to do it in absence of crew and without delivery of work of the dress by the producer. At the same time on the site where repair works were carried out, there is the special person obliged to warn working about turning on of the equipment under napryazheyony. This person is in the place until all members of crew are not warned about installation inclusion, and the producer of work will not hand over the dress.

Transition to other workplace

For work in razyony places or on different floors of one electric accession moyozht to be issued 1 order. In these cases the senior person on duty prepares all jobs, but allows only on 1 workplace. Upon transition of the repair crew to other workplace the senior person on duty again proizyovodit the admission. All transitions are noted in the dress.

Supervision during the operating time

Правильное ограждение места работ

Correct barrier of the place of works.

After the admission of crew to work the producer of work or observing has no right to leave the workplace. In the course of work he is obliged to prevent possible violations of safety rules by members of crew. If the operator (nablyuyodayushchy) needs to leave, then he has to leave instead of himself the otvetstvenyony head or bring crew out of the room of the electric unit and lock the entrance to it. If necessary members of crew can leave for a while from the place of work.

The producer of work has to instruct them about the way of safe movement. It is not allowed to remain in the distribution ustroyyostvo to one member of crew and even the operator. Only during the works as necessary made in different pomeshcheyoniya or on different accessions one member of crew is allowed to remain with kvalifikatsonny group not lower than III. The operating procedure at the same time makes a reservation in the graph of the Special Conditions dress.

Responsibility for safety of working

The following workers are responsible for safety of work in electric units:

Средства защиты для работы в электроустановках.

Means of protection for work in electric units.

  1. The person which issued the order or the oral order. It is obliged to determine the volume of work and the possibility of its safe performance, to appoint the responsible head and the producer of work or observing.
  2. Allowing is responsible for sufficiency of the chosen security measures, their correct performance on site of work, the correct admission and registration of transitions and completion of work.
  3. The responsible head is responsible for the structure of crew and compliance of qualification group working to the performed work. Priniyomy the workplace from the person on duty, he on an equal basis with it is responsible for the correct preparation of the workplace and sufficiency of security measures.
  4. The producer of work, accepting the workplace from allowing, is responsible for the correct preparation of the workplace and performance of measures of the bezopasyonost. He is responsible for observance of safety rules him and chleyonam of crew, watches operability of the tool and devices. He constantly watches working.
  5. Observing it is appointed for supervision of teams of construction workers and persons of nonelectrotechnical specialty. He is responsible for pravilyyony preparation of the workplace and observance working rules of the bezopasyonost. Watches that did not act and barriers, posters, grounding were not rearranged. Observing it is forbidden to combine supervision with druyogy work.
  6. Members of crew are responsible for observance with them personally the safety rules and instructions received at the admission to work and during the operating time.

Completion of works and preparation of the equipment for inclusion work

Work is considered completely finished ambassador of cleaning of jobs. The Otvetyostvenny head examines the site, deletes crew from the place of work and hands over the dress to the person on duty. The person on duty checks the condition of jobs then closes the dress and prepares the equipment for inclusion. For this purpose it disconnects the grounding knives, removes figurative grounding and checks in the place of storage, whether all figurative grounding available in order that on the accession intended for inclusion not to leave the forgotten grounding.

By means of the megger or the special test facility the person on duty checks isolation of the accession which underwent repair, removes the posters "Work Here" or "Get Here", the ograzhdeyoniya removes temporary, establishes into place constant barriers, posters, locks and locks, removes other posters. After that the person on duty locks pomeshcheyony electric units or the open distributing device and doklayodyvat to the higher person on duty about readiness of the electric unit to the vklyucheyoniya.

Electric equipment can be switched on under tension on the rasporyayozheniye of those personnel on duty under which authority it is: the dispetyocher of power supply systems, the person on duty on the region of power supply networks, the duty engineer of the station. In network circuits the equipment includes operational peryosonat after obtaining the message from all operators or the otvetyostvenny head that works are finished, crews are removed from the line of the udayolena, grounding. Messages can be broadcast, to the teleyofon, with the courier.

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