Features of operation of xenon lamps

The normal working provision of the lamp in the spherical flask — vertical with the greatest tolerance from the vertical 10 °. For the lamp in the tubular flask normalyyony working situation — horizontal with the deviation no more than 30 °.

Схема ксеноновой лампы

Scheme of the xenon lamp.

At installation of the lamp of the direct current the anode above has to be located, and for lamps of pereyomenny current the shoot of the otkachny tube above is located (nose).

It is necessary to observe predostoyorozhnost measures at accession of conducting provodniyok to outside conclusions of electrodes of lamps. At the same time to transfer to Nedopustiyomo the twisting or izgibayuyoshchy efforts to the quartz glass in order to avoid breakdown of the lamp and its explosion. Lamps in the spherical flask in the neraboyochy state are explosive. Therefore both the new, and failed lamps it is necessary to store and transyoportirovat only in the protective plastic case which can be removed after installation of the lamp in the appayoratura. At service of lamps the personnel have to have the special mask from transparent organic glass which is reliably covering the face and also to obyazatelyyono observe precautionary measures against action of ultra-violet radiation. The lamps which are near the installation site, the equipment and combustible veshcheyostvo have to be protected from hit of lamp splinters on them in case of its explosion.

For the lamps working with water cooling (ДКсРЗООО) it is necessary to watch closely operability of system of circulation of water as even the short-term break in its giving immediately vyyovodit the lamp out of operation especially. Use of the cooling water containing noticeable quantity of vials of air is not allowed. Lamps have to be operated in the metal protection cover attached to the system of the exhaust ventilation.

Схема подключения ксенона

Scheme of connection of xenon.

The sleyoduyushchy order of inclusion of lamps with water okhlazhdeyoniy is recommended. The lamp is established in the device, and the electric feeding wires and shtuyotser for the water supply are connected to its inputs. Water access opens, and operability of system of supply of cooling liquid proyoveryatsya. Constant speed of water supply has to be not less than 4 l/min through each electrode. Надевает­ся the protective mask, is also removed the protective case from the lamyopa. The lamp flask is carefully wiped with cotton wool, smochenyony in alcohol. Ventilation of the casing of the device and air blowing of the flask and legs of the lamp joins. Speed of the poyodacha of air of room temperature at distance of 3 — 10 mm from the surface of the flask has to be not less than 3 m/s. Air has to be purified from dust and oil. For this purpose the personnel periodically check the condition of filters. Having convinced of correct work of systems of the okhlayozhdeniye and ventilation, it is possible to light the lamp. At the lamp otklyuyocheniye the order has to be the return, i.e. the snayochala remove electric loading, and then access of water pereyokryvatsya and ventilation is turned off.

Mozhyono to install the lamps working without water cooling for work in the closed device provided that air temperature at distance of 75 mm from the light center of the lamp does not exceed 150 °C in the rayobochy mode. If this condition is not satisfied, then it is necessary to apply the forced air okhlazhyodeniye.

It is especially carefully necessary to watch for kachestyovy electrical links of electrodes of the lamp from power supply proyovoda, to periodically carry out their cleaning and not to allow overheating. The durability of the lamp in znachiyotelny degree depends on quality of contacts.

Unlike mercury-quartz lamps, xenon lamps after shutdown can be lit immediately repeatedly. However in order to avoid breakdown of the warmed quartz the impulse of vysoyoky tension ignition of the lamp should be made for tubular xenon lamps only in the cold state.

During the work with the xenon lamps lit by impulses of high tension it is necessary to monitor observance of rules of the equipment of the beyozopasnost especially carefully. The personnel are obliged to watch quality of grounding and blocking of network condensers as in the absence of blocking the power source can be punched by the high-frequency impulse at the next ignition of the lamp.

For prevention of crystallization of the quartz cylinder of lamps in places of its pollution it is not necessary to take the lamp hands without cotton gloves and after installation of lamps in the device it is necessary to wipe surely the flask with cotton wool, the wetted in alcohol.

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