История искусственного освещения
History of artificial lighting

History of artificial lighting originates from лучин, fires, torches. Thousands of inventors during hundreds of years worked to make our lamps it is brighter and better.

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Особенности эксплуатации ксеноновых ламп
Features of operation of xenon lamps

The normal working provision of the lamp in the spherical flask — vertical with the greatest tolerance from the vertical 10 °. For the lamp in the tubular flask normalyyony working situation — horizontal with the deviation no more than 30 °.

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Нюансы в использовании ртутно-кварцевых ламп
Nuances in use of mercury-quartz lamps

Service of lighting installations with mercury-quartz lamps has some features therefore, depending on type of lamps, it is necessary to uchiyotyvat some requirements.

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Правила использования осветительных установок
Rules of use of lighting installations

The correct organization of operation of lighting installation and conscientious daily care of it provide maintaining its working capacity and the sootyovetstviye to the existing rules and norms.

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Когда появилась первая лампа накаливания?
When there was the first glow lamp?

The USAn scientist Lodygin suggested to apply tungsten thread to glow lamps for the first time. The patent for it it sold the General Electric companies.

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Утилизация энергосберегающей лампы
Utilization of the energy saving lamp

Energy saving lamps cannot be thrown out together with simple garbage neither in the refuse chute, nor in street trash cans. Put the lamp in the hermetic plastic package and hand over in specialized collection points.

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