How to execute soldering?

Tough connection of two or more wires, wires with the part or neyoskolky parts among themselves with providing the reliable electrical link between them has to be result of soldering, and the surface of tin or solder, applied in the course of soldering on these wires or parts, upon termination of soldering has to be brilliant, equal, without the gumboil remains.

Соединение электрических проводов

Connection of electric wires.


Wires or parts have to be mechanically connected before soldering, soldering has to fasten even more them and improve elektriyochesky contact.

Подготовка деталей к пайке

Preparation of parts for soldering.

When soldering carry out the following rules:

Пайка якорей

Soldering of anchors: and - the eyelet, - threading in hooks of the copper lead, in - the tray for soldering.

At repair of heatmeasuring and elektroizmeriyotelny apparatuses and regulators of thermal processes apply soft (low-temperature) tin-lead POS-40, POS-61, POS-90 solders, tin, solid solder of the PARTY OF SOCIAL REFORMS-45 (silver) and also non-standard solders:

When soldering aluminum tin-lead solders do not apply as they cause corrosion.

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