Microwave ovens

Today microwave ovens in which the different way of thermal treatment of products, than in ovens, gas or electric stoves is applied absolutely were widely adopted. In microwaves energy of ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic oscillations (Microwave waves) generated by the magnetron is used.

Микроволновая печь

Microwave oven: 1 - wave guide; 2 - magnetron; 3 - fan; 4 - transformer; 5 - the panel with electrical accessories; 6 - control unit; 7 - plate; 8 - door; 9 - camera.

Advantages of microwave ovens are widely known: the products prepared in them do not burn, completely keep vitamins, are not dehydrated and do not roast away. Process of preparation of the dish happens much quicker, than, for example, on the gas stove. Economy in time turns out approximately by 4-8 times depending on the type of the processed product.

The microwave oven at the same time does not heat up, does not emit any combustion products, air in kitchen remains fresh and clean.

The attractive moment for many is also that circumstance that cooking in the microwave oven allows to reduce considerably use of fats that often is the important condition at the dietary power supply.
In the microwave oven it is possible not only to prepare, but also to warm dishes. The warming up is made on plates just before giving on the table.

Sometimes apply the closed ware as boil-off of the product and pollution of walls of the furnace is possible.
Concerning the ware applied to cooking in the microwave oven there is one restriction. It is forbidden to use metal ware for this purpose. This prohibition extends as well to the ware having metal jewelry, for example — gold rims at edges of plates or cups.

It is possible to use any other ware — glass, porcelain, faience, plastic, paper, ceramic, etc.

The microwave oven allows to prepare meat dishes with the different depth of processing of the product, that is is weak, so-so and strongly fried thoroughly. This results from the fact that working cameras of microwave ovens are manufactured such form that the microwave waves generated by the magnetron repeatedly were reflected from its walls and the bottom and freely extended on all volume of the camera. It provides warming up of food evenly from all directions. But getting into food, waves are weakened therefore outside layers of the processed product get warm slightly quicker internal that allows, changing preparation time of the dish, to receive the different depth of processing.

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