Portable potentiometer of PP-63: order of measurements

Portable potentiometer of PP-63 for measurement of the napryayozheniye of the direct current and the electromotive force (э. of page) (fig. 1).  

Структурная схема автоматического потенциометра

Block diagram of the self-balancing potentiometer.

Range of measurement of the potentiometer of 0-100 mV, accuracy class - 0,05. The greatest intrinsic error does not exceed the value determined by the formula:

± (5 x 10-4U+0,5Umin)

where U — the indication of the potentiometer In, Umin accepts values equal

2,5 x 10-5  5 x 10-5 and 10 x 10-5

respectively for ranges of measurement 0-25; 0-50 and 0-100 mV.

Рисунок 1. Потенциометр типа ПП-63

Figure 1. The potentiometer like PP-63: 1) handle of ustanovkirabochy current, 2) IRN handle, 3) loading switch, 4) switch of the sort of works, 5) wave changer, 6) rheochord, 7) section switch, 8) galvanometer.

For example, if to the potentiometer defined value э. of page - 60 MV, the error of this measurement will be no more than

± ( 5 x 10-4 x 60 x 10-3 + 0,5 x 10 x 10-5) = 3,5 x 10-5B  = 0,035 mV

The galvanometer 8 serves for indication of the moment of compensation of izmeryaeyomy tension and for installation of the working current by means of the handle of 1 potentiometer. 5 establish by the plug commutator trebuyeyomy measurement range: 0-25, 0-50 or 0-100 mV

The potentiometer can work as the source measuring instrument э. of page as measuring instrument э. of page and tension and as source of the continuously adjustable tension (IRN) of the direct current. To these modes there correspond provisions of the switch 4 sorts of work: "Checking", "Potentiometer", "IRN". Necessary resistance of the external line is chosen as the switch 3. Indications count on scales of the section pereklyuchayotel 7 and the rheochord 6. Toggle-switches, zayozhima (for connection of the external galvanometer and power sources) and handles 2 IRN are brought to the panel of the potentiometer.

The measured tension or the line to which it is necessary to give tension are connected with respect for polarity to clips of the potentsioyometr of X. The switch 4 is set to required position. The toggle-switch of the power supply is set to position "On". Moving the plug of the pereyoklyuchatel 5 to the required slot, choose the required range of measurement (X0,5, X1, X2). The switch of the galvanometer is installed in polozheyony To and when pressing the button (handle 1) establish by "Roughly" upper handle of the variable reziyostor the arrow of the galvanometer on 0. The same operation is repeated at the pressed Precisely button, rotating the lower handle of the variable resistor.

Tension is measured by installation of the switch of the galvanometer in the provision I. By pressing of "Roughly" button and rotation of the switch 4 and rheochord the arrow of the galvanometer is established on 0, then nazhiyomat the Precisely button and repeat operation. The received sum of znacheyoniya of the switch and rheochord is multiplied by the multiplier established on the rheochord switch.

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