Figurative means of protection: grounding and barriers

Figurative temporary protective zayozemleniye — the most well-tried remedy of protection during the work on the disconnected sites of the equipment in case of wrong giving of tension on the disconnected site.

Переносное заземление

Figurative grounding prevents wrong giving of tension on the disconnected sites.

Temporary figurative grounding consist of copper wires for short circuit of phases and wires for the zazemyoleniye with a section not less than 25 mm2 and also clips for accession of grounding wires to the grounded tire and the wires short-circuiting current carrying parts. Clips have to have adaptation, their dopuskayoyushchy imposing, fixing and removal from tires at bar poyomoshch. All connections of elements of temporary peyorenosny grounding carry out welding. Imposing of grounding is made after check of lack of the nayopryazheniye. At first attach the tip of the zazemyolyayushchy wire to the grounded tire, then the ukayozatel check lack of tension and after это­го the bar or manually (in dielectric gloves) impose clips of the short-circuiting wires on current carrying parts.

Figurative grounding are examined before each application and at least once in three months.

Figurative temporary barriers priyomenyat for protection of the working personnel from accidental touches to current carrying parts, we nayokhodyashchitsya energized near the place of work, for example boards (screens) isolating pads, etc.

Boards (screens) produce from the dry tree. On them strengthen the precautionary poster "Stand — it is life-threatening. Energized!".

The isolating pads apply when it is impossible to protect the workplace of the shchiyotama or screens. The persons closing current carrying parts have to work in gloves or boats (or gayolosha), applying the isolating pincers or spetsialyyony bars.

Rubber caps are put on knives of razjyoedinitel by means of the isolating pincers.

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