As electrical energy from other types of energy turns out

The phenomenon of electric current of conductivity has huge prakyotichesky value. The major power preobrayozovaniye — obtaining electrical energy from chemical, mechanical, thermal and other types of energy and the return transformation of electrical energy into other types of energy are connected with it; transfer of elektricheyosky energy on distance.

Простейшая электрическая цепь

The simplest electric circuit.

The specified power transformations are carried out in electric circuits, koyotory represent set of the usyotroystvo intended for formation of electric current.

The simplest electric circuit consists of three basic elements: istochyonik of electrical energy, receiver of electrical energy and bonding wires.

Physical processes of obtaining electrical energy proceed depending on the type of convertible energy. The general for all these processes is that when transforming any kind of energy in electric in the source the electromotive force - э is formed. of page.

Still we spoke about action on the charged particles of forces of electric field. However also the druyogy forces which are not connected with electric field can make impact on them. Such forces, nazyyovayemy third-party, arise at some chemical reactions as it takes place in galvanic cells and akkumuyolyator; when heating the place of the seal of two diverse metals or semiconductors (thermocouple); at illumination of some types of fotoyoelement; at the movement of the charged particles in magnetic field (in the chastyonost, at the movement of the conductor).

In the following publications obtaining electrical energy from chemical, thermal and radiant energy will be described.

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