Advantage and harm of infrared heaters

It is necessary for all living beings on the planet for normal existence warmly therefore if houses too low temperature, it becomes very uncomfortable.

Схема действия инфракрасного отопления

Scheme of action of infrared heating.

It especially often occurs during the winter period. Happens that batteries work normally, and there is not enough heat all the same. Then additional sources of heat are used. Among them infrared heaters are especially popular.

Principle of operation of the infrared heater

As IK-heaters in premises can be met quite often, the principle of their work becomes interesting to much. Producers of these goods can give a lot of information on it. They claim that heaters of this kind are similar to the small sun in the apartment. The principle of their work will be same natural. After turning on of the heater heat will evenly extend on all room.

This type of heating devices has the small feature which distinguishes them from other similar designs. Surrounding objects kind of absorb in themselves the received heat. If to turn off heating, to air the room, to switch off the IK-heater, then all the same in premises still some time will be warm. It occurs because energy continues to be developed from heated objects. Solar energy has similar activity.

Harm of infrared radiation for the person

Схема обогревателя

Scheme of the heater: 1 – heat-radiating panel; 2 – body; 3 – edge cover; 4 – TEN; 5 – TENA bracket; 6 – terminal strip; 7 – block bracket; 8 – entrance of the electric cable; 9 – reflector; 10 – heat insulation.

In spite of the fact that infrared heaters are very popular, their name continues to frighten off from itself buyers. They are afraid of such device, think out myths about it. Infrared heaters are equated in their consciousness to the Chernobyl stations. Therefore many consider that to use such subject in the house situation is very unhealthy. Actually harm for the person brings only the lack of right information.

But the IK-radiator can do the question of what harm, remains open. It is the best of all to approach this question from the scientific point of view. Actually use of IK of beams in life is not harmful. It was proved by many scientists. Just some people confuse their action with X-rays. X-ray really does harm therefore it can be applied only in very small doses, for example in medicine. IK-beams have opposite action.

Scientists proved that they can treat some diseases. Therefore are actively applied in medicine, along with x-ray. The human body positively perceives such radiation. From the body small heat radiation proceeds too. If the body is influenced by IK-waves of the same size, then it will bring only benefit. Thus the immunity is quicker recovered, there are forces for fight against different illnesses. Therefore the statement that IK-heating in the apartment works great mischief to health, quite misleading.

In addition heat brings only benefit. It helps vessels to extend, blood will quicker run and regeneration processes become more active. Suffering from the bad metabolism will feel much better if heating of the room is normal. IK-beams use for treatment of burns of different degree and also diseases of integuments.

Схема подключения инфракрасного обогревателя к терморегулятору

Scheme of connection of the infrared heater to the temperature regulator.

IK-heating does not contaminate the atmosphere, does not absorb oxygen, does not dry air. Therefore for heating of premises such heater will be the most suitable. It is even better if such device is supplied with ceramic spirals. They have disinfecting property and the airborne harmful bacteria help to kill.

Infrared heating can have directional effect. Therefore such device can be used as at home, and on the street. For example, to warm legs in the cool summer evening, being at the same time on the balcony.

Infrared heaters favourably differ from similar devices with other principle of action. Heat received from them is distributed evenly on all room, but is not only in one place. Sometimes confuse the microwave oven radiation with infrared. It is very widespread mistake. But in infrared radiations there is no ultraviolet therefore harm from them minimum that cannot be told about the microwave oven in any way.

But recently in the market too many fakes appeared. Some unfair producers in the pursuit of money do not stop before anything. They forge infrared heaters, replace their parts, thereby working great mischief to buyers. Such devices are really very dangerous as they in the large number contain harmful substances capable actively to evaporate when heating. The air saturated with such substances becomes very harmful, it is impossible to inhale it. Accidentally not to buy the fake, it is necessary to be extremely attentive at purchase commission. It is necessary to verify goods on the websites of producers, to carefully examine packaging.

Shortcomings of devices

But IK-heaters after all have some shortcomings. Though such statement belongs only to the oldest models. The first models intended for heating of big rooms. For example, concert halls. There will be too much their heat for the small apartment. Also the first models are not fireproof. They have no shutdown sensors at possible falling. If such device accidentally fell, then it could become the fire origin. Modern models exclude such opportunity. Perhaps, all this shortcomings of heaters of this kind.

It is possible to call IK-devices climatic or the equipment of the future. They are convenient in use, are safe for health, are compact, economic. On the properties exceed all existing heaters. The advantage of their application is obvious.

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