Suppression of the fires in electric units: features

According to the Instruction for suppression of the fires in electric units of power plants and substations, local management of fire protection soyovmestno with the management of power plant or network the operating plan of suppression of the fires taking into account probability of the fire in any part of the electric unit is formed.

Схема тушения пожаров в электроустановках

The scheme of suppression of the fires in electric units.

The order of suppression of the fires at power plants and substations consists in the following: the person who noticed ignition nemedyolenno tells the senior on change ( the shift supervisor, the duty engineer, the dispatcher) and starts suppression by the available sredyostvo. The senior determines the seat of fire, possible ways of its distribution and need for shutdown of the elektroyooborudovaniye which is in the fire zone by change. He is obliged to check, is included and whether automatic fire extinguishing works, to create safe conditions for suppression. The kommuyotatsionny equipment is for this purpose switched-off, stress is removed, oil from the oil-filled equipment merges, hydrogen from the systems of hydrogen cooling is forced out.

The equipment is switched-off without order, but with the posleduyoyushchy notification of the duty engineer and dispatcher.

Номинальное напряжение электроустановки

Rated voltage of the electric unit.

Fire extinguishing during the initial stage the senior on change or the head of the object directs.

It is allowed to extinguish fire the komyopaktny and spraid water streams without removal of the napryayozheniye in electric units, open for the overview of the stvolshchik, including the burning cables of U less than 10 kV. At the same time the trunk has to be grounded. Stvolshchik has to dress dielektriyochesky boats and gloves and to be from current carrying parts at distance not less following:

The contaminated water cannot be used for fire extinguishing without shutdown of tension. Its unit resistance has to be not less than 28 — 30 Ohms-m (mains water).

Manual fire extinguishers are used, as a rule, in the otklyuchenyony electric unit. If current carrying parts (up to 10 kV) are not disconnected, then it is allowed to extinguish the fire by also vozyodushno-mechanical foam provided that all parts of the foamer and the pipe are reliably grounded.

Прикосновение к нетоковедущим частям

Touch to not current carrying parts.

Chemical foam cannot be applied. In the smoke-filled cells or rooms it is not allowed to apply manual means of the ognetusheniye without dump. If electric accession or its part are not turned off, then it is impossible to approach current carrying parts on distances less specified in tab. 1.

The fire brigade begins to extinguish fire, having got pismenyony permission and instructing of the person on duty about the next current carrying parts which are energized. Fighters of the fire brigade are not allowed to get for barriers.

Features of fire extinguishing in generators and synchronous compensators

At fire of windings the generator or the synchronous compensator should be switched-off immediately. The turbine is switched-off by safety automatic machine with failure of the vacuum.

In air-cooled generators the ustroyyostvo of water fire extinguishing joins. Use of foam is forbidden. If the generator has hydrogen cooling, then switch-off the automatic machine of clearing of the field (AMCF) and force out hydrogen the carbon dioxide gas.

Features of fire extinguishing in transformers and reaktoyora

The lit-up transformer is switched-off from all directions. The fire is extinguished air and mechanical foam, the sprayed water, the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. It is necessary to merge urgently oil in drain tanks or in the hole with the gravel charge and not to allow its spreading.

Fire extinguishing of cables

It is necessary to disconnect the cable line and to include the stationary fire extinguishing system with vozyodushno-mechanical foam. First of all stress from cables of more high tension is removed. It is not allowed to come into cable bays or tunnels with the burning cables. After the fire it is impossible to touch cables before removal of tension from them.

During fire extinguishing in control panels it is necessary to aim to keep the responsible and expensive equipment and devices. Not to touch cable wiring and devices before removal of tension from them. At fire extinguishing to observe miniyomalno admissible distances.

At power plants and in power supply networks there are voluntary fire teams which part workers and technical officers are.

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