Equipment of electrical safety

The equipment of electrical safety are simple rules which observance considerably will secure you against the probable case of defeat by electric current when performing any electrotechnical works.

Дерево признаков электротравматизма

Tree of signs of electrotraumatism.

Each electrician is obliged to know it. Despite the simplicity and clearness, these rules further will help to avoid accident repeatedly.

Attention and care as basis

Допустимые расстояния до токоведущих частей, находящихся под напряжением

Admissible distances to the current carrying parts which are energized.

Owing to the fact that electricity cannot be seen or felt hands, and it is only possible to estimate its work through indirect manifestations, that and special attention with extra care will be very opportunely.

Availability of electricity in the conductor is checked by means of different electric measuring hair partings (testers, indicators). There are cases when measuring electric devices can be faulty that promotes accident.

At first indicator, and then hands

The normal phase monitor is, perhaps, that device which it is possible to call safely the symbol of safe work in the electrician.

Exactly thanks to it availability of the phase on any current-carrying conductor is checked that demonstrates potential danger in this place.

Even if you are sure of lack of the phase on wires, recheck just in case once again.

It will take half-minute of time, but will save life.

Reinsurance — guarantee of safe work

The assumption that on site electric work there is no tension does not mean yet that it is definitely not there. I think if not everyone, then at most of electricians, especially with wide experience of work, had in life cases when all was deenergized, but someone the stranger turned on the breaker accidentally.

Seven times think and make once

Before turning on the breaker (automatic machine) and to give the general tension on the electrochain after carrying out electric works, think several times of whether you were mistaken in some place and whether forgot to complete something.

If it is not sure, ask the help or council

It is not possible to know everything and if still it is necessary to deal for the first time with the new equipment, then the opportunity to be mistaken is big. Therefore if in something it is not confident during the electrotechnical works, it is better not to hesitate and not to show pride, and just to ask the aware person or to ask for him the help. It will only increase electrical safety and result of the business.

Work in couple increases safety

Классификация изолирующих электрозащитных средств

Classification of the isolating electroprotective equipment.

By rules and norms electric works need to be performed in couple. It promotes the high speed of the performed works, strongly increases the general electrical safety (if something happens the workmate can help to prevent accident or even to save your life at unexpected emergence of the certain emergency).

Often happens so that there are not enough people and at the same time still someone hurries. It as a result generates carelessness with incidents.

Therefore if there is no opportunity to work in couple, be more attentive for two and you do not hurry at all even if someone adjusts as electrical safety (and together with it and your life) first of all.

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    Everything is correct, but overalls are still important (trousers, the jacket and work with the long sleeve in gloves even made of cloth protect from electric shock, irrespective of air temperature, it will protect you from accident.

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