How it is correct to mount the electrical wiring in kitchen?

Kitchen – quite difficult room for mounting of the electrical wiring. Now it not only the room where cook and take food, but also one of the most available recreation areas. Occasionally in kitchen family problems are solved, there takes place the meeting of guests and in the evening many sit up late behind the TV which is installed right there.

Схема электропроводки на кухне

The scheme of the electrical wiring in kitchen.

At the time of the Soviet Union in kitchens two ordinary sockets, one of which went under the electric stove, were installed, and on the ceiling one lamp – and it was enough. But there passed time, and everything changed. Today what only in kitchens is not present! Today kitchen – nearly the most important power consumer.

As well as for any other room, for kitchen, there are norms and rules. It is impossible to neglect them. Even in small kitchen it is possible to try to execute norms. The main thing – always to remember that your safety and safety of your relatives depends on it.

The electrical wiring device in this room always begins with the main thing – from determination of character of the room. Though vapors and moisture which gather in the form of condensate are emitted temporarily and in small amounts, the relative humidity in kitchen sometimes reaches 60%, but falls short of 75%, therefore, the room it belongs to the category of wet.

As in kitchen it is necessary to place many household appliances, it is necessary to equip it with special power lines and sockets in rather large number, than in other rooms. But you should not be fond and always to remember that on the cable with a section of 2,5 mm ² installation up to 8 sockets is allowed.

Пример электропроводки на кухне

Example of the electrical wiring in kitchen.

The axis passing through plug openings of sockets has to be at the level of 25 cm from the desktop surface. Do not put the socket under the table-top. Remember that the arrangement of sockets has to facilitate use of household appliances, but not complicate. Try to avoid extenders in kitchen: the extender is the nursery of moisture and the reason of KZ. Imagine also that in your kitchen meters of excess wires moreover and on the look are thrown. It will look not really beautifully. It is also possible to orient and make measurement from the floor which has to correspond to 115 cm.

It is forbidden to install electric sockets over the sink and over the plate. But one socket over the plate  can be installed if it is at the height of 2 m from the floor and it will be intended only for the power supply of the kitchen extract.

If at you in the project the electric stove is put, do not connect the line of the extract to the line of the plate at all as it is done by some careless electricians. Remember that the line of the plate has to belong only to the plate. The more connections in this node, the there are more chances that there everything will burn out. Also some electricians do not install the socket for the electric stove, and connect the plate directly via terminal blocks. So it is possible to make, but as a last resort. It is easier to disconnect the plate from the socket if something happens, than to run to the board and to convulsively look for the automatic machine that to disconnect it, and then the same plate, overstraining, to move aside to disconnect from the line.

All sockets try to use IP 44. If you have no such opportunity, try to use IP 30 sockets with protective blinds and with the grounding contact.

Монтажные зоны электропроводки на кухне.

Mounting zones of the electrical wiring in kitchen.

All electrical household appliances of big power have to receive the power supply from own line going from the distribution board. And here everything depends on you. You have to know precisely how many at you electric devices of big power is (quantity) and where they will be located. It is possible to give one advice: if you have even the gas stove, try to provide the line for the electric stove (the wire of at least 4 mm ², and the socket should not be directly behind future electric stove). There were such cases when people after repair of kitchen bethought and going to establish the electric stove instead of gas. But here it was already necessary to establish the box.

For washing and the dishwasher it is recommended to install sockets near pipes of the water intake and water drain. And here always you remember that sockets are unambiguously necessary to IP44 with grounding.

All socket lines have to be protected by OUZO on 30 mA, it is also impossible to forget about the contour of alignment of potentials. It is necessary to connect gas pipes, metal plumbing fixtures and also all metal water pipes to it.

It is also forbidden to install telephone, television and computer sockets at distance less than 1 m from the sink and the stove. They can be established over the desktop at minimum height in 10 cm from its surface. But once again not to risk or to forget, after all try to place these sockets on the opposite wall.

For large electrical household appliances which will be built in furniture it is better to install sockets not behind the device, and sideways from it. It can allow you to switch-off the electric device, without moving it aside.

There is one more cunning. If you did not decide on furniture of kitchen yet and in plans at you to make it is later, then it is possible to bring the general line of big sectional area, but smaller, than your feeding cable from the house distribution board. It is necessary to make it for the device of the separate distribution board for kitchen which will be located in the same place and will be responsible only for it.

Now lighting

If you have not enough lamp which at you is installed on the ceiling and you want to establish additional lighting over the effective area, do it also by means of the separate line. At the same time do not forget that all lamps which you are going to install in furniture should not be located over the plate. Use lamps with the minimum degree of protection of IP 44. Always install the switch on the right side far away from the cooking surface and from washing, that is somewhere under the hinged cabinet at distance of 30-50 cm from the effective area of the curbstone.

Here, perhaps, and all. Basic provisions concerning the electrical wiring device in kitchen are that. Follow all these rules – and the electrical wiring will serve to you for many years belief and the truth.

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