How to mount the open electrical wiring?

Hello, dear readers! Time to complete the cycle of articles devoted to the main ways of laying of the electrical wiring in rooms came. As you, perhaps, remember, them was three:

Схема открытой проводки

Scheme of open wiring.

It is necessary to consider the open electrical wiring and also its laying in rigid plastic pipes.

Open electrical wiring

It is the simplest to carry out mounting of the open electrical wiring, it causes least of all damages of walls. However at the same time there is one note: that the electrical wiring looked more or less well, it is required to be prepared very thoroughly.

It is not necessary to carry out mounting of all electrical wiring this way because you will need to carry out the large number of wires which in this case will look very untidy (from the point of view of the esthetics). Such option can be chosen at insignificant expansion of the electrical wiring. As well as when mounting the electrical wiring in a different way, there are rules which are required to be observed strictly.

Rules of open mounting of the cable

Нормы крепления кабеля при открытом монтаже.

Norms of fastening of the cable at open mounting.

  1. The electrical wiring should not pass under pipes on which there can be the condensate.
  2. The electrical wiring has to pass as it is possible further from heat sources.
  3. Use only the cable (flexible, rigid or screened) where it is required on norms, but not the wire. The cable can be laid also in sanitary emptiness. Installation of any connection boxes in this case is prohibited unless you can provide access to these sanitary emptiness.
  4. Connection of cable cores has to be made only in the raspredkorobka which are specially provided for this purpose to which cover there has to be constantly the access. In wet rooms the tightness of covers распредкоробок has to be provided by means of laying.
  5. The cable has to keep the protective cover throughout the line to the entrance to the electroadjusting device (the socket, the switch etc.).
  6. It is the best of all to carry out fastening of the cable plastic brackets. They are selected according to diameter of the cable. Fastenings have to be in rather short distance from each other. It is necessary in order that the cable did not sag under own weight. Points of fastening have to be placed on both sides from the cable at change of its direction and also near the entrance to electroadjusting products. At horizontal laying the distance between two brackets should not exceed 0,4 m for the unarmoured cable and 0,75 m for armored. At vertical cable laying the distance between brackets can reach 1 m. If you when mounting use ordinary wires with the protective cover, then the admissible maximum distance between brackets has to make 25 cm across, and down 30-40 cm. The last bracket has to face the electroadjusting product no more than 10 cm from it. At the wire bend bend radius has to be not less than 8 cm.
  7. At any crossing (or even passing row) with other (not electric) pipes it is always necessary to observe distance between them 3 cm.
  8. At cable laying through the wall always try to protect it on this piece the insulating pipe.
Схема проведения кабеля через стену.

The scheme of carrying out the cable through the wall.

At open mounting the cable is usually laid over the plinth, in corners of the room or on lines of crossing of walls and the ceiling.

The cable has to be absolutely equal and should not warp.

In the presence of false ceilings the cable has to fasten to room walls. If there is a lot of cables, it is possible to provide channels for their admission. To inadmissibly place the cable simply on the false ceiling. Connection and dividing boxes have to be established so that to them access was provided.

As well as at other ways of laying of the electrical wiring, here too there are merits and demerits.


  1. Ease of laying.
  2. Any additional devices and accessories are not required.
  3. Harm is not done to walls, as when laying in the closed way.


Схема проведения кабеля по плинтусу.

The scheme of carrying out the cable on the plinth.

  1. From the esthetic party such wiring looks not really.
  2. Observance of all fire protection regulations is required.
  3. Respect for all standards of electrical safety is required.
  4. Respect for all technical norms of the room is required.

As you see, this way it is rather simple to carry out laying of the electrical wiring. But you do not hurry to take the hammer and brackets in hand and to start implementation of the intentions. Remember that it is the best of all to carry out mounting of the electrical wiring of this type if you have to expand the electrical wiring only a little.

The table of the resolved options of mounting of the open electrical wiring depending on the place of laying.

Таблица разрешенных вариантов монтажа открытой электропроводки в зависимости от места прокладки.

The table of the resolved options of mounting of the open electrical wiring depending on the place of laying.

Electrical wiring in rigid plastic pipes

In case of laying of the electrical wiring in rigid plastic pipes of the wire place in them, then fix to walls by means of special support. There is the whole set of the auxiliary armature (elbows, T-couplers, branchings in the form of the letter T, cable couplings) used to facilitate their installation.

Схема электропроводки в жесткой трубе.

The scheme of the electrical wiring in the rigid pipe.

This mounting mode of the electrical wiring provides necessary degree of protection against mechanical damages and hit of moisture.

For this reason usually scope of this mounting mode are cellars, garages, cellars. But do not go in cycles in it. Remember that you can also use it at yourself on seasonal dachas (in premises), and in some cases and in city apartments.

The pipes IRL (insulating rigid, smooth) have rather attractive appearance. But also here too there are rules.


  1. Fastening of pipes to walls should be carried out at the minimum distance from each other in 80 cm, and the last fastening before the electroadjusting product (that is before the entrance inside) – at distance of 10 cm.
  2. The minimum bend radius of pipes has to exceed their diameter six times.
  3. Connection of wires can be done only in the boxes provided for these purposes or on plugs of electroadjusting products.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to do any connections in pipes.

As you already understood, this type of mounting of the electrical wiring demands the type of fastening. For the aid to you at the solution of this question (as well as than to fix), the drawing with the approximate list of elements of fastening of insulating pipes is published.

Схема крепления труб.

Scheme of fastening of pipes.

But as well as everywhere, in this question there are subtleties. For example, during repair you were a little constrained in money. But before for some purposes you bought the punched tape and it remained with you in enough. Do not move away her aside. For installation of pipes you can quite use this construction adaptation. From the hank of the punched tape it is necessary to measure the piece necessary to you (without forgetting that it is about length), to cut off and attach to the necessary surface. But that the punched tape stretched and did not sag, end fastening is carried out a little at an angle to the opposite side from you. Then fastening (on all length) punched tapes is gradually carried out. Pipes fasten by means of couplers. In some cases this type of fixture very much helps out.


At this mounting mode of the electrical wiring of tools which can be necessary for you, not so much. It will be necessary to prepare the marking cord (beating), the perforator with the drill of suitable diameter (if you have around concrete walls), the plumb and also the hammer, the saw in some cases can be useful for cutting of pipes (the hacksaw very well copes), the level and the tape measure.

Поэтапная установка труб IRL

Step-by-step installation of the pipes IRL.

On some difficult sites you can make connection with the help corrugations and pairs of connecting couplings (which you had to buy). The drawing as this design is included below will look.


Pipes should be established so that to avoid hit or the skaplivaniye of moisture in any point of the electrical wiring. Here it is necessary to watch closely installation of rubber consolidation in the place of the entrance of the pipe to the electroadjusting product very much.

Правильный и неправильный вариант монтажа труб.

Correct and wrong option of mounting of pipes.

At input of the cable in mounting boxes and in lighting instruments always try to apply the strengthened consolidations. The sealing cup in this case has to correspond to diameter of the pipe and enter the mounting box a little. If for some reason you have no sealing cup, it is the best of all to carry out input of the cable from below.

This mounting mode of the electrical wiring has also merits and demerits.


  1. Ease of mounting.
  2. Quite satisfactory appearance.
  3. Additional mechanical protection of cables and wires.
  4. Additional protection against moisture.
  5. The small tool kit is required.


  1. The big set of additional accessories is required.
  2. Accuracy of the sizes of pipes is required.
  3. At the large number of the feeding lines (if you use the board of outside execution) the board sizes increase (on width).

After the publication of the article "Electrical Wiring in the Hidden Way" many readers had questions. In particular, where and how raspredkorobk have to be located and how there are feeding lines from the board in the standard apartment?

Part one: how there are lines from the board in the standard apartment?

Схема поиска линии от щита.

The scheme of search of the line from the board.

If on the wall on the left side of the board you locate one more electropoint, the following line you have near two previous. Pay attention that all turns corrugations have to be executed smoothly, there should be no acute angles.

Part second: where and how raspredkorobk have to be located?

Схема расположения распределительных коробок.

Scheme of the arrangement of distribution boxes.


Adjusting boxes under electropoints are established so: sockets – 30-40 cm from the floor, switches – 90-110 cm from the floor. If you are not going to carry out the energy audit to receive the certificate, then you can bring electropoints to height necessary to you.

Install switching boxes (that is boxes where you will make connection of wires) at concrete walls below. Do not forget that they should be milled too. If your walls are made of gypsum cardboard, it is better to install boxes on the joint of walls and the ceiling not to be entangled in the wires. On lighting if at you false ceilings, boxes it is better to install under the false ceiling.

But also it is possible and to make switching in the box where you are going to install the switch. Only then you will need not to be mistaken with quantity of wires which will have to enter the box.

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