How to mount the buried electrical wiring?

In one of our previous articles we casually touched upon the subject about what main types of the electrical wiring are generally applied in rooms. As you remember, there were three look:

  1. Buried electrical wiring
  2. Open electrical wiring
  3. Electrical wiring in electrotechnical products (plinths, the box).
Подрозетники для скрытой проводки

Podrozetniki for the buried wiring.

And today we decided to tell a little in more detail about these types of the electrical wiring and to devote it several our articles. Also we will begin our story with the most important look - the buried electrical wiring.

Buried electrical wiring

To lay the buried electrical wiring much more difficultly, but the received result, from the esthetic point of view, the best. Here the difficulty of mounting consists that we should lay the insulated conductors or cables in pipes drowned in walls.

The buried wiring can be established to, in time or after construction works (so-called insert).

But as well as everywhere, there is one nuance - mounting of the buried wiring after construction works in the floor is prohibited. That is it is not authorized to do dredging in already existing floor to put there pipes. Laying of the electrical wiring in the floor is possible only to or during construction works. It is connected with the fact that at the shtrobleniye of already existing floor and dredging of material from the shtroba there is the weakening (in this case) of the concrete tie. And further in this place the floor will begin to burst.

Схема монтажа скрытой проводки

Scheme of mounting of the buried wiring.

Before construction works try to treat with great attention pipes which will be established by the hidden way. They should not be damaged and have any aberrations. At insert in walls of the shtroba have to have the sufficient sizes that there it was possible to fix and to completely close up plaster all dredging made by you. The pipes drowned in concrete should not have absolutely any auxiliary armature (branchings, connections). All connections of the buried electrical wiring should be made in mounting boxes. That all process of laying of the buried electrical wiring took place normally and without some complications and surprises, we published the table of rules of mounting of the buried wiring.

Rules of mounting of the buried electrical wiring

Also here it is possible to carry some more rules which should be observed:

  1. It is forbidden to do shtroba on the slanting line.
  2. Depth штроб has to answer diameter of pipes taking into account their minimum covering in 4 mm after the bookmark.
  3. It is forbidden to do shtroba on the same axis (on different sides of the wall).

As we already spoke, carry out the buried electrical wiring always in insulating pipes. Treat the choice of pipes rather seriously. You will be helped with it by the table of the choice of types of pipes.

Table of types of pipes and their use

Таблица типов труб.

Table of types of pipes.

Also we do not forget about degree of protection against mechanical damages. As we already spoke earlier, this designation has to be present at pipes and conform to the international IK standard. This standard serves for determination of degree of protection against mechanical influences.

IK standard

Стандарт IK.

IK standard.

Laying of wires in pipes

Протяжка проводов в изоляционных трубах

Broach of wires in insulating pipes.

Laying of wires in pipes can cause many difficulties if to treat the matter with neglect. Always choose the best pipes equipped with the device for drawing of wires. If you have no opportunity to buy such pipes, then get ordinary, but also do not forget to buy the rope. This device costs not such much, and it will help out you more than once.

Поэтапная подготовка протяжки проводов в трубах.

Step-by-step preparation of the broach of wires in pipes.

To drag wires in insulating pipes, they at first should be prepared. The number of wires in the pipe is limited. Presently the standard demands that 2/3 capacities of the pipe remained free. First, that when you drag the wire in the pipe, isolation was not damaged, and secondly that the wire in the pipe had the airbag interfering in case of strong heating, to flow of the insulating pipe. Also at the broach of wires we try not to forget that electric wires cannot be stretched jointly with low-current in one pipe. That is the broach goes so: electric with electric. and low-current with low-current (if you are going to stretch several wires in one pipe). The table of suitable pipes for use is included below.

Laying and closing up of pipes in the brick wall at the buried wiring

Укладка труб в кирпичную стену.

Laying of pipes in the brick wall.

In the concrete wall we do the same, except for fixture. The pipe we fix plastic brackets or we fix in several places by plaster solution.

Mounting of the electrical wiring behind wall panels

Правила прокладки электропроводки за стеновыми панелями

Rules of laying of the electrical wiring behind wall panels.

At repair of rooms thermoinsulating panels even more often find application. Here it is the best of all to distribute the part of the electrical wiring in advance. The final result turns out just the same, as well as at the buried electrical wiring in walls, but without its inconveniences. But as well as everywhere, there are rules:

  1. The applied pipes have to be from nonflammable material.
  2. For electroadjusting devices special mounting boxes are used.

Also wall panels it is possible to establish and fix to the metal profile. There are already ready openings, and they can be used for the wire broach. As well as everywhere, use to the corrugation. If to stretch the wire without corrugations, there is the probability that there will be the insulation failure. It is forbidden to lay wires across the wall. Rules of laying of the electrical wiring behind wall panels

Mounting of the buried electrical wiring (shtrobleniye)

Not to be unfounded, the number of drawings which to you will help to carry out mounting of the buried wiring is given below. mq53

Fixing of the mounting box

Монтаж скрытой электропроводки.

Mounting of the buried electrical wiring.

Mounting of the electrical wiring in the floor

Крепление монтажной коробки

Fastening of the mounting box.

Mounting of electrical wires in the floor is made before construction works or before installation of floor plates. It is possible to lay pipes with wires between basic bars floored. If at repair or at construction to make the floor with the dry charge (to fill haydite), then it will become much easier to solve the problem of laying of pipes with wires. It is enough to fix of them in the floor, to pour out and level haydite - and it is possible to start the flooring of the sexual covering. If the floor is filled in with concrete manually, we arrive also. We fix, we fill in with concrete, we level and we lay the sexual covering. If all your process is automated (that is haydite or concrete move by means of special machines under pressure), then carry out fastening of wires as follows: spread out wires one near another (at the same time we do not forget that low-current wires, even laid in pipes, have to be at distance from electric at least 10 cm), level all pipes. At you the uniform wire bundle with the departing beams to electroadjusting products has to turn out. Then take the punched tape, measure the piece corresponding to wire bundle width cut off and fix by means of dowels. And so throughout all electrical wiring. Why so thoroughly to fix? The answer to the matter is simple: as process goes under pressure, there is the probability that pipes can emerge on the surface and then they will be much more difficult to be laid and fixed. But before mounting of the electrical wiring in the floor try to satisfy the number of indispensable conditions:

  1. Prior to works examine attentively all pipes. They should not be damaged during works.
  2. The pipes drowned in concrete should not throughout have branchings or connections (that is have to be uniform).
  3. In the presence of the heat-insulated floor of the pipe with the electrical wiring have to be placed as it is possible further from the heating element.

As before, we provide to your attention several drawings.

Крепление монтажной коробки, продолжение.

Fastening of the mounting box, continuation.

Laying of electrical wires in the floor during construction works or repair

Прокладка электропроводов в полу во время строительных работ или ремонта

Laying of electrical wires in the floor during construction works or repair.

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