Rules of application and testing of the means of protection used in electric units

Правила применения и испытаний средств защиты

Rules of application and tests of means of protection.

The changes and additions considering experience of application of modern designs of means of protection and also requirements of the existing standards of specific types of means of protection and in the field of electrical safety as of 01.10.1992 are made to the 9th edition of Rules. Terms and their definitions are modified, new terms are entered ("Means of collective protection working", "Individual protection equipment working", "The touch tension", "The sign of safety", etc.).

Classification and the list of means of protection are complemented with new developments, technical requirements to them are included.

The structure of Rules is changed: in the text requirements to the design of means of protection, the volume and norms of service tests, instructions for use are given by them, and norms of acceptance and standard tests are given in appendices 6 and 7.

The sections "Indexes of Tension", "Bars Isolating", "Belts Safety Lineman's", and in connection with review of GOST on them are processed, requirements to signaling devices of availability of tension, individual devices and devices for safety of work when carrying out measurements and tests in electric units, to figurative grounding for VL to 1150 kV and for imposing from the earth are included.

The section on means of protection and the isolating devices for PRN is significantly processed, the new section "Means of Protection from Electric Fields of the Increased Strength" and requirements to strength measuring instruments is entered.

Are included in the appendix 9 two new forbidding the poster: on PRN and work in electric fields. The appendices 10-13 including the test sheet of means of protection for PRN, the magazine of registration of their service tests, the allowed time of stay of the person in out-of-pocket electric field of protection and the protocol of measurement of electric field intensity are added.

Rules are developed according to SSBT.

With the release of the present edition of Rules the 8th edition of "Rules of application and testing of the means of protection used in electric units" becomes invalid (M.: Energoatomizdat, 1987).

Rules are developed by department of safety measures and operation of the high-voltage SKTB VKT Mosenergo electric equipment (Z.I. Kobzev).

Consultants: S.V. Poleva, A.V. Boev, M.D. Stolyarov, V.F. Kuzin, I.A. Borodin, V.M. Arsenyev (ORGRES.

The draft of Rules is considered by the commission under the chairmanship of the deputy chief of Department of labor protection and safety measures of Committee of power industry of A.S. Goroshkevich in structure: Z.I. Kobzeva, N.M. Garlic (SKTB VKT Mosenergo), A.V. Malov (ISS), V.I. Engovatov (Glavgosenergonadzor), B.F. Pazinenko (The western power supply networks of Mosenergo), S.V. Poleva (ORGRES with the assistance of the deputy chief engineer of VOP PRN Vinnitsaenergo V.L. Taloverya.

Request to send all notes and offers on the present edition of Rules in SKTB VKT Mosenergo to the address: 109432, Moscow, 2nd Kozhukhovsky Ave., 29.

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