How to save the electric power by means of the special device

Many years at the industrial enterprises were applied powerful devices to power saving (compensators of reactive power). These devices were very expensive and bulky that did not allow to use them to individuals.

Схема сборки реверс-прибора

Scheme of assembly reverse device.

With development of technologies there was the opportunity to use similar devices in private houses and at small enterprises. The modern compensator costs much less old prototypes and has the compact sizes that does its application, even at not really heavy loads, quite profitable. Now we will deeply not press in process physics, it is in detail described in textbooks on theoretical electrical equipment.

The majority of devices at your place and at the enterprises consume two types of the electric power, active and reactive. Active power is useful. Reactive power is consumed up to 50%, but does not make useful work, and leads only to heating of wires and loss of energy in them and also to the increased electro-magnetic radiation. Total power is determined by the formula  where P - active power, by Q - the reactive power, and S - ultimate power.

Our device compensates consumption of reactive power (in most cases to zero) that leads to decrease in ultimate power. Proceeding from it, use of the device leads to the number of favorable effects:

  • considerably electric power consumption decreases (usually to 30-50% of ultimate power), it reduces financial expenses on the electric power depending on your tariff plan and the contract with the power supplying organization;
  • useless current in wiring and other elements of the network circuit decreases. It increases the term of their service, reduces probability of accidents and allows to apply wiring from wires of smaller diameter (cheaper);
  • harmful electro-magnetic radiation from wiring and the hindrance for consumer electronics decreases;
  • the device protects household appliances from short-term splashes in tension, for example, during the thunderstorm. It leads to increase in their service life and decrease in number of breakdowns.
  • the device represents the monoblock with the fork. On the body of the device there is the indicator of its work. The device begins to work right after inclusion it in any socket of your apartment, at home, of the enterprise, etc. The device is connected after the counter. Intervention in wiring and operation of the power meter is not required. The device does not demand additional service and can not be switched off for years. Does not cause claims and problems from power sale.

  1. Lion.

    On the first scheme the counter is switched on so that zero goes via the current coil … Who to you so will allow to connect it?

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  2. Alexander

    I that that I cannot believe this device.

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  3. Sergey

    Good fellow Roman! You well taught the physicist and correctly all explained!

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  4. Konstantin

    Full divorce for those who never held the soldering iron in hand

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  5. Igor

    Electric devices do not consume reactive energy.

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  6. Igor

    Morons. The counter considers only active energy. Reactive does not consider. What the hell for to compensate it.

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  7. Nikolay

    This device was known still in the early sixties. The device for reeling of meter readings. what is illegal. Does not affect electronic meters, they have no course reverse. Burn down and pay huge penalties.

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  8. Nick_suomi

    in household appliances is not present so much reactive that it is possible to save on it do not bother turn off the excess light and deliver LED lamps it really good luck to all

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  9. makania

    interestingly! who will give you zero on the first plug of the .esla itself in the remote village. generally on the first always the phase sits and so your scheme theft

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  10. Vladimir D

    Device full hogwash. It is checked by specialists, eats electricity twice bigger, than without it. Does not conform to either what USAn standards, or what license at it is not present

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  12. Nikolay

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  13. Alexander

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  14. Svetlana Vasilyevna

    Interested the device for power saving. In more detail about it. How to get? Cost.

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  15. Novel

    And I here visited this website, came across this article, and understood that here I have nothing to do.
    What in this device? Condenser? How does it change the parameters from loading? It is necessary to compensate cos(f) more, it is less.
    Ah yes, normal physicists pay for active energy! Reaktivka is not considered by the counter.
    Normal advertizing, and mean.

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  16. Vova

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