How to define vitkovy short circuit in windings?

In use electric equipment (in particular, we will consider asynchronous and collector engines), for example, electric drills, has property to break. Of course, if the service personnel fulfill the duties honestly and timely react even to minor changes or failures in operation of electric equipment, then on such "sad" minutes will be less. But in life everything happens: protection, or automatic equipment at face values as it should be did not work, and the cursor burned down. Vitkovy short circuit belongs to such malfunctions of windings of the stator or the anchor.

Схема дефектации электрооборудования

Scheme of fault detection of electric equipment.

What does it come from? In most cases from overheating. The varnish coat with which the winding wire becomes impregnated has some temperature limits above which it just collapses then rounds among themselves connect. One such soldering suffices - and the engine will be faulty. Such "sore" is treated only by surgical intervention, and the engine should be given on rewind.

To make the conclusion about vitkovy short circuit, it needs to be defined at first. Not so there is a lot of these ways.

First way of definition of short circuit

If the engine in barn has six wires, then it is search simplifies. It is necessary to sort the scheme of connection, to find coils of phases. It becomes the tester.

Межвитковое замыкание в катушке

Turn-to-turn fault in the coil.

Now we will provide that before us the ordinary transformer with three identical windings. We give on one winding tension 12, 24, 36 V, and on other coils we make measurements. If everything is normal, then on two other coils there will be same tension. The coil with vitkovy short circuit will not show tension.

If at the engine in barn only three ends (wye), then are more difficult to define vitkovy short circuit here. For check by such method it is necessary to bring the generic point out of the scheme. On the website there is article where it is described how it becomes. And when your "star" will be available, we make the above described manipulations. As you understood, for definition of vitkovy short circuit by such method the reducing transformer (12, 24 or 36 V) is necessary.

Second way of definition of short circuit

It is possible to make such adaptation. From strips of transformer iron the package in the form of the horseshoe is gathered, the gap becomes 5 mm, iron is wound with the insulating tape on which the coil is reeled up. Calculations are made as winding of transformers. But this coil from the reducing transformer of 30 volts will be powered. The wire it is possible to use 0.3 mm2.

Приспособление для нахождения виткового замыкания

Device for finding of vitkovy short circuit.

Below I will expose photos of this adaptation. We called him "monkey" (origin of such name I do not know). But for engines the angle of the termination of iron another. I have on the photo the device for check of anchors. Generally, the corner becomes such that monkeys iron densely adjoined to iron of the stator or the anchor.

It is checked as follows: you give the power supply on this coil of 30 V, you put to the anchor groove, and to the opposite side where the second half of the tested winding is laid, you put the piece of the cloth from the hacksaw. And so you check the groove behind the groove. In the place of vitkovy short circuit the cloth will jingle.

Here such simple methods can be applied to definition of the place of vitkovy short circuit.

Here what represents this adaptation

This device for check of small anchors. For check of engines width of iron can be taken 50-60 mm.

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