The electrician on production

Как соорудить фундамент для электрической машины?
How to build the base for the electrical machine?

The sizes and structures of the bases for small elektrogeneyorator and electric motors often are defined directly when mounting. The bases of machines it is impossible to have end-to-end to the bases of the next machines or steyona of buildings.

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Что такое линейное и фазное напряжение?
What is the linear and phase stress?

The most widespread chains in modern power are three-phase chains. They have the number of advantages before other types of chains - both single-phase, and multiphase.

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Как обустроить рабочее место слесаря-электрика?
How to equip the workplace of the electrical fitter?

At design of the workplace it is necessary to aim at facilitating work of the person, to create to it the maximum of conveniences. The optimum sizes of the working zone have to be observed.

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Плавкие предохранители: общие сведения
Safety fuses: general information

Thermal action of current is widely used for protection of electrotechnical devices and lines of transfers against razrushitelyyony action of short circuits and long overloads. Are sewn up with the simplest device of such thermal the safety fuse is.

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Что такое компенсация реактивной мощности?
What is reactive power compensation?

The ultimate (seeming) power developed by synchronous generators conditionally shares on active and reactive. The reactive component of power does not perform useful work, it serves only for creation of magnetic fields in inductive receivers.

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Как самому изготовить предохранитель?
How most to manufacture the safety lock?

The greatest distribution was gained by safety fuses. When they fuse, it is required to replace them quickly. It is possible to make the safety lock most of the wire.

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Как работают электрические счетчики и трансформаторы тока?
How do electric counters and current transformers work?

Electric counters are intended for accounting of the spent electric power. For lowering of variable electric current of big force to the value convenient for measurement standard measuring apparatuses, intended the current transformer.

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Правила использования тестера (мультиметра)
Rules of use of the tester (multimeter)

The tester (multimeter) is the measuring tool which allows to reveal damages at electric devices, to check the charge of the accumulator or battery and to measure the operating voltage of many electric devices.

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