Vacuum cleaners with the water filter

Models of vacuum cleaners with the water filter. These are vacuum cleaners with essentially another on functionality the system of filtering of air. They purify air differently, than models with bags for collecting dust and with cyclonic filters. For cleaning of flows of air in such models of vacuum cleaners the water filter is used. All inhausted air quickly gets to the camera with water, after there and mixes up with it. The majority of dirt and dust there also remains, and all air bubbles rises upward, and then aims on the exit, on the way passing through the multiple systems of filtering and being finally cleaned.

Схема работы пылесоса с водяным фильтром

Scheme of operation of the vacuum cleaner with the water filter.

Pluses of vacuum cleaners with akvafiltry:

  1. Constant big power of suction.
  2. Simplicity in utilization — is only enough to pour out dirty liquid of the container in the sewerage.
  3. Passing through the water filter, the flow of air is humidified automatically. Of course, the most part of moisture is lost at additional passing via filters (they are also provided in the design of these models), but all the same back air gets to the room humidified.
  4. Lack of additional costs of expendables.


  1. Dimensions and weight. The majority of today's models of vacuum cleaners with akvafiltry are much more by the sizes of "colleagues" with the bag for dust or the container.
  2. Need of continuous full cleaning of the vacuum cleaner after each cleaning of the room.
  3. Vacuum cleaner noise level. All vacuum cleaners with akvafiltry work slightly more loudly than all others.
  4. Price. Vacuum cleaners with built in akvafiltry are more expensive than normal models.
Схема использования пылесоса

Scheme of use of the vacuum cleaner.

It should be noted that vacuum cleaners with akvafiltry are not necessarily intended for wet cleaning. It is necessary to distinguish the washing vacuum cleaners from models of vacuum cleaners with akvafiltry which are capable only of dry cleaning. In model of the washing vacuum cleaner for air filtering water in the same way is used. In this parameter they are similar. However at the washing vacuum cleaner one more additional container – the reservoir for detergent is provided.

In the course of work the washing mix under big pressure moves on the surface which is cleaned, then this moisture is inhausted in your vacuum cleaner together with dirt, garbage and dust. Then water is defamed also by dust and further remains in the vacuum cleaner, and the flow of air passes through the additional systems of filters, leaving back to the room.

Main pluses of such vacuum cleaners:

  1. Universality. With the washing vacuum cleaner you have the opportunity how just to vacuum, and to wash the floor, very qualitatively to clean different furniture and the tile, it is possible even to wash windows (if there is the special nozzle).
  2. They approach allergic persons as there is no contact with dust.


  1. Restrictions of use of the device. At all universality of these vacuum cleaners, it is better not to use them to cleaning of the objects which are not loving moisture.
  2. Dimensions and weight. The washing vacuum cleaner – the thing quite bulky.
  3. Service right after the next cleaning.
  4. Need of frequent acquisition of some expendables (detergents).
  5. High cost.
Схема водяного фильтра

Scheme of the water filter.

The producers of vacuum cleaners, most famous in the world, with built in akvafiltry: Karcher, Zelmer, Thomas, Samsung, De'Longhi, LG, Supra, Ariete. It should be noted that the majority of the modern washing vacuum cleaners can carry out also "dry" cleaning if not to include the "washing" function.

On sale vacuum cleaners meet today and with the paroobrabotka of all cleaned surfaces, generally it is the washing models, but is such and only for dry cleaning. Vacuum cleaners with function of the paroobrabotka at cost it is notable most expensively than other models.

Suction power

High power of suction – it is very good. Low, naturally, it is bad. Suction power – one of the most important parameters to which it is necessary to pay attention, choosing the vacuum cleaner. The more the dust suction power parameter, the less time is usually taken away by cleaning. But than this power at the certain model is higher, the vacuum cleaner is more expensive to those. At the identical power it is necessary to choose the vacuum cleaner which consumes less energy.

The manufacturing companies measure at the vacuum cleaners suction power differently. Who in aerovatta (the unit of measure was thought specially up for measurement of such parameter, but was not accepted), who just in watts. Some just do not like to provide such information, referring to lack of norms of its measurement.

It is often possible to meet the text on the vacuum cleaner body that its power is 1400 W. Will trust it the mistake - it is not the power of suction at all: here it is about power consumption, and no more.

Just does not happen to the similar power of suction of vacuum cleaners. Today the maximum power of suction at household models of vacuum cleaners – 550 W (but it is fair not for each model).

Схема сборки пылесоса

Scheme of assembly of the vacuum cleaner.

For cleaning of the tile, the carpet with small pile, parquet, linoleum there will be enough vacuum cleaner with the power of 250-350 W.

If in your apartment there are pets with dense wool or coverings which it is very difficult to clean, for example, carpets with long pile, choose the vacuum cleaner which power of suction from 350 to 550 W. The design of the modern vacuum cleaner has to provide the possibility of power control of suction. And not only by means of opening of the special valve on the suction pipe, but also by means of change of intensity of operation of the motor.

Pure air from your vacuum cleaner

The system of filtering has to help to reduce quantity of all garbage particles blown from your vacuum cleaner to the minimum. In very expensive models there are about 12 filters (but it is more likely the marketing mix).

At first your vacuum cleaner with the certain power sucks in dust, dirt, small garbage. After all air and garbage get directly to the bag dust collector, to the special reservoir or to the corresponding water filter. The main quantity of this garbage as a result here also remains (sand or clots of dust and the rest). Further this air passes through the motor filter. The primal problem of this filter – protection of the motor against all that remains as a result in the container. At last, air reaches the so-called last output filter (or the systems of filters). They are called still filters of thin cleaning. In all modern vacuum cleaners put most often NERA-filters.

This H.E.P.A standard. it is developed by the special commission on atomic energy of the United States of America. Therefore these HEPA filters are widely used in the world for purification of air in all medical institutions and laboratories because there the great demands are placed on cleaning and purity of air.

Схема фильтрации Hepa-фильтра

Scheme of filtering of the Hepa-filter.

HEPA filters represent the fibroid which is difficult in the form of the accordion. They have diameter of 0,65-6,5 microns, and distance between fibers of 10-40 microns. Filters are manufactured of paper and fiber glass (especially for disposable) or the ftoroplast. In the second case filters it is possible (and it is even necessary) to wash with water from time to time, so they will serve till the end of term of operation of your vacuum cleaner. There are several main types of NERA-filters which efficiency is confirmed with the European EN1822 standard:

In modern models such filters as HEPA H11, H12 and 13 are generally used, however, sometimes producers produce also models with "ten". As a rule, than the number in designation of such filter is higher, that the vacuum cleaner, respectively, more expensive, but also it does the indoor air cleaner.

Nozzles and still something

Frankly speaking, the more at your vacuum cleaner of additional nozzles, the better – so the vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning of different surfaces. Buying the vacuum cleaner, you should not pursue quantity of nozzles because the majority them will not be used. For normal cleaning three nozzles are always enough: the main (the carpet and the floor), slot-hole and for cleaning of furniture of dust. Certain producers even thought up special transforming nozzles. For example, some vacuum cleaners of the Electrolux company have the "3 in 1" special nozzle in the set. One such adaptation can be transformed to the nozzle for cleaning of clothes and the slot-hole nozzle and also to the nozzle just for decoration. It is very convenient as you have no "excess" accessories which usually disturb and are quickly lost. By the way, in order that these nozzles were not lost, it is enough to leave of them in special openings in the vacuum cleaner body (sometimes even happens that producers suspend nozzles on the pipe of suction of the vacuum cleaner, providing thus their reliable storage).

Виды насадок для пылесоса

Types of nozzles for the vacuum cleaner.

The main brush of the vacuum cleaner usually has the switch of the modes of functioning: "for the floor" or "for the carpet". As a result of this switching the bristle moves forward ("for the carpet"), hides ("for the floor"). Such brushes can have special castors which facilitate to the brush movement. Sometimes producers in such nozzles do the opportunity to regulate bristle length. In models which are more expensive than the others happens, the brush with lighting that pollution in all hardly accessible and darkened places were visible comes across.

Some models of vacuum cleaners are completed with special turboshchetka. Such brushes which working part is mobile it is set in motion thanks to the air flow. Turboshchetka provides, so to speak, "the effect of comb-out" – can comb out hair, hair of animals and similar pollution. Turboshchetka, if it is not included in the delivery package, can also be got separately (but this function not for all vacuum cleaners).

There are also elektroturboshchetka. They rotate at the expense of electricity which is brought to the small special electric motor. Elektroturboshchetka has not negative effect on the power of suction of the vacuum cleaner (unlike the normal brush). In work it is slightly more silent. There are electrobrushes to special accumulators, and happen such for which the wire directly from the vacuum cleaner reaches. Brush rotational speed in such cases is constant. Elektroturboshchetkoy it is impossible to clean shabby carpets or coverings at which pile is longer than 1,5 cm.

Noise level

Determination of noise level at first takes place at manufacturer. The ready vacuum cleaner already there is turned on in network. At distance of 35-55 cm from it put the microphone and the special device which measures for some time and fixes noise level. Then this process is repeated by 2-3 more times and find average, constant noise level.

There are also other several moments which need also to be known, choosing itself vacuum cleaner model. For example, bag volume is very important for collecting dust. Than the bag is more capacious – those should spend less time for cleaning it from dust. The range of the vacuum cleaner is also important – it is the sum of length of the cord, hose, tube, the vacuum cleaner body, and the brush. It is desirable that the parameter of radius was not less than 7 meters.

Protection against overheating

The vacuum cleaner is switched-off if temperature in the compartment for the motor comes nearer to critical, and overheating of the engine is not allowed. The smooth start preserves the vacuum cleaner engine against overloads. The vertical parking of the pipe of suction on the body gives the chance to store it with the minimum expenses of the place indoors, for example, behind the door, and assembled. Availability of the shoulder strap will allow to reach when cleaning, not especially straining, even before the pollution located rather highly.

Purity in the house – it is simple if in the house there is the good vacuum cleaner.

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