Work in electric units up to 1000 V

Work on assemblies and distribution boards, in це­пях electric motors and their starting equipment, in lighting conductings can be made by the persons having qualification groups III are not lower.

Схема подключения УЗИП к сети

Scheme of connection of UZIP to network.

As prayovit, repair works are performed with the full otklyuyocheniye of assemblies and installation of grounding (after the proveryoka of lack of tension).

If works are performed without imposing the zazemleyoniya, then the following measures have to be taken for prevention of wrong giving of the napryayozheniye to the place of works: a) mechanical locking of drives of automatic cuts, disconnectors, breakers in which tension on the disconnected ustayonovka can be served; b) application of insulating laying in rubilniyoka, automatic machines and so forth; c) posting of the posters "Not Include — People Rabotayot!". In exceptional cases when working energized (for example, at measurements of loadings, etc.) it is necessary to work in dielectric galoshes, standing on the isolating basis with sleeves of clothes, lowered, zastegyonuty at hands, and in the headdress. Besides, it is necessary to take measures for the ograzhyodeniye of the next current carrying parts and the grounded konyostruktion rubber rugs, the electrocardboard, mica sheets, etc.

Qualification of the personnel performing works has to be not lower than group IV. As the current operation perform sleyoduyushchy works: a) without dump — cleaning to ograzhdeyoniya, cleaning and the wiping of the body of electric equipment, care of bearings, of rings and collectors of electromachines, replacement of tubular, plug predokhrayonitel and lamps; b) at the full dump — repair of the puskoyovy equipment (on condition of its installation out of boards and assemblies), separate current collectors, replacement of fusible inserts of open type, repair of lighting wiring. Operation on repair, mounting, adjustment and the isyopytaniye of distributing devices, boards and assemblies, electrical machines and transformers, air and cable entries and lines, the main buslines тролеев electrocranes belong to the works performed on the written rasporyayozheniye with registration in the magazine of works. The person giving the written order specifies the operator allowing and members of crew, necessary actions of safety, volume and soderyozhany works. The most often performed work is change of fusible inserts of safety locks. Change of the burned-down fusible inserts of safety locks at the naliyochiya of breakers, is made only at the removed nayopryazheniye.

When it is necessary to replace fusible vstavyok of safety locks energized (for example, on group boards, assemblies), change of inserts is made in safety points, in dielectric perchatyoka, with use of the isolating pincers and with unloaded. Change of fusible inserts of safety locks can proyoizvoditsya by one person with qualification not below the grupyopa of III, and when changing at height from ladders — 2 persons. Plug safety locks have to устанавливать­ся so that the feeding wires joined the konyotaktny screw, and departing to the consumer — to the vintoyovy sleeve.

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