Electric power expense heat-insulated floor

Pluses of system of electric heating of the floor

As pleasantly happens to walk on the heat-insulated floor barefoot in the winter when outside the window - the frost. Such floors any more not the rarity.

Укладка теплого пола

Laying of the heat-insulated floor it is necessary only on open sites of the room, i.e. it is not obligatory to cover space under furniture with such system.

But how many the electric power demands such heater?

About it is in this article. Before doing calculations of that how many the electric power consumes the heat-insulated floor, it is necessary to tell that, as a rule, electric heating extends not to all room space (for example, rooms), and only to the part it. This results from the fact that the part of the room will be occupied with furniture therefore it does not make sense to warm up the parquet under it. If you plan installation of such floor at the stage of creation of design of the apartment then you have the advantage too: to you the arrangement of batteries is not so important - cold corners can be warmed up by means of the "heat-insulated floor" system.

Plus also is that the "electric heating of the floor" system can be installed at any type of the surface, whether it be wooden or concrete.

Схема установки теплого пола

Scheme of installation of the heat-insulated floor.

It is important to know also that such system is invisible at its operation. Whether there are advantages of heating by such designs before central heating? First, when switch-off the heater of central heating in the spring or in the fall, it is difficult to revaluate value of these floors. Secondly, it is necessary to tell how extends warmly indoors: from batteries the hot air rises to the ceiling, then, cooling down, goes down, creating discomfort. The system of electric heating of the floor consumes energy, heating air at the floor, evenly distributing it on all volume of the room.

What it is necessary to know about mounting of such system? Mounting of the electric heater of the floor will not make special work, but it is important to pay attention that the guarantee remains at observance of the instruction of mounting and operation. How many parts in the floor electric heater set?

How many does the electric power consume the heat-insulated floor?

So, how many the electric power this design of heating of the room consumes? There are two types of systems: cable and film infrared floor. When outside the window the blizzard, these two types of electric heat-insulated floors warm our bodies and souls, but due to different technologies therefore also the electric power expense at them different. Of course, electric power consumption by such floors depends on many factors and to precisely calculate it very difficult therefore on the Internet so contradictory information is published. On what factors does the energy consumption expense depend? From ambient temperature, from quality of warming of the room, from the mode of operation and characteristics of the "electric heater of the floor" system.

Very essential role in the power consumption of the above-named heater is played by temperature regulators, their use reduces electric power expenses twice. Let's give such example: the cable heat-insulated floor is included round the clock, the electricity consumption on 1 sq.m about 2 kW/hour, it is easy to count that if in the month 30 days, then the approximate power consumption is 60 kW/hour. If to take 1 kW/hour on 2 rub, then 4 rub a day or 120 rub a month turn out. This indicator needs to be increased by the surface area of all heat-insulated floor, the necessary sum for payment of energy consumption of all cable heater in the month as a result will turn out.

Programmable temperature regulators reduce electric power consumption by the heat-insulated floor due to its alternate switching off and inclusion. For example, if such heaters are switched-off at night or when there are no owners the house, then electric power consumption decreases.

As for the film heat-insulated floor, the expense of the electric power is reduced by 15-30% in comparison with cable. Energy consumption of 1 sq.m it makes 1,5-1,7 kW/hour, respectively, at the price of 1 kW/hour in 2 rub, in the month (30 days) about 45-50 kW/hour consume that makes about 90-100 rub.

Heat-insulated floor: conclusions

When using electric heat-insulated floors you receive comfortable temperature condition, convenience of operation and considerable economy of money. We recommend to use also this heater with temperature regulators (thermostats) since it considerably cuts the electric power consumption. Let's notice that this system is safe at operation and can be environmentally friendly. How many years can such heater serve? Terms of use vary at different producers. The Chinese heater will not serve so much how many can serve, let us assume, Scandinavian.

Material of the floor covering can be any, but should not exceed 20 mm. The room where the heat-insulated floor, very quickly, in comparison with normal batteries, thanks to the radiant energy is assigned gets warm. At sufficient heat this type of the heater consumes not enough electric power, but to solve, of course, to you.

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