Recommendations about service and repair of magnetic actuators

Magnetic actuators are intended for remote launch and the stop of electric motors, management of the reverse and other manipulations. Enters the problem of magnetic actuators as well protection of the equipment against overloads in the presence in the scheme of thermal relays of protection. Actuators at the correct calculation of the connected loading can work months and even years without any interventions, expenses and investments. But as well as any electric equipment, they have malfunctions and breakdowns, and it means that the list of works with this equipment includes technical maintenance and repair.

Схема подключения магнитного пускателя

Scheme of connection of the magnetic actuator.

All these works are performed at different times. It depends on many factors, main of them – intensity of operation of the magnetic actuator. For example, sandpaper in workshop: if its short-term, but frequent start-up are made, short circuit and disconnection of the main contacts happens more often, and the electric arc leaves marks on the main contacts. It is more than the power of the connected electric motor – the arch is more powerful.

Burning the Piglet of contact results. It in turn breaks their dense prileganiye and heating which will increase over time begins. And the result can be and deplorable if for any reason protection does not work.  Both coils, and cursors burn. It is possible to avoid it, carrying out technical maintenance of magnetic actuators.

First, it is necessary to switch-off the electric motor and to hang up the poster "Not to include! People work!", then to take necessary measures for prevention of wrong or accidental inclusion of the servicing site of works (according to rules).

Схема устройства магнитных пускателей

Scheme of the device of magnetic actuators.

It is possible to pull out inserts (safety locks) in the distribution cabinet. It is obligatory to do it as one poster happens insufficiently – is, cases when the poster on the place, but it is not noticed and try to turn on the equipment. Then it is necessary to uncover the actuator, the brush to sweep away dust and right there to move away her the vacuum cleaner. For these purposes I use old "Rocket". It is possible to do it by two options: "to suck away" or "blow", the result will be equally positive.

Further it is necessary to reach the main contacts, it becomes differently depending on the model design. It is necessary to remove the main contacts and to clean and polish carefully their voronily (it is impossible to use the file or abrasive materials). Being in the actuator, it is necessary to measure insulation resistance between all electric part and the body which has to be not less than 10 megohms. Having performed these operations, it is possible to sort things out, check tightening of all bolts and screws, to sweep away the remains of dust and to close the cover.

The magnetic actuator is repaired in case of replacement of the coil, interlock contacts, the thermal relay, the main contacts or other part of the device.

As a rule, contacts of the thermal relay and interlock contacts of frequent service do not demand as they are in the control circuit where currents small.

At repair if there is the vozmozhost, it is desirable to check, test the thermal relay at the stand.

All these works take a little time and if to do it in time, then magnetic actuators of your site long will serve you faithfully. Magnetic actuators – quite unpretentious equipment. Small council: on all screwed connections put Grover's washers, it is extremely necessary element in electrical connections. It is necessary to finish work with the actuator with the body washing.

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    Main malfunctions of magnetic actuators.-1. - Sticking of the anchor to the actuator.-2 core. - Lack of the reverse in reverse magnetic actuators.-3. - At inclusion the actuator does not rise on the automatic interlock.-4. - Strong buzz of magnetic system.-5. - Not uniformity of short circuit of contacts.-6. - the Condition of contacts. Magnetic actuators share. 1-to destination. 2 Poe to the operating voltage.3 of Poe of degree of protection. 4 Poe to the level of kommutiruyumy current.5-of Poe to availability or lack of thermal relays and buttons of management.

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