Repair of lamps

At you in the lamp the lamp unexpectedly went out. Perhaps, it fused? But if the lamp flask opaque then to learn, so it or not, it is possible only having turned out the lamp. However it is impossible to do it until the lamp managed to cool down: can happen so that the flask will come off the socle, and it is necessary to take out it flat-nose pliers, and this business difficult.

Светильник дневного света с предварительным разогревом

The daylight lamp with the preliminary warming up.

If you screwed the new lamp in the cartridge, but it does not burn again, insufficiently unbent contact of the boss can be the cause of it. It is possible to improve situation the screw-driver.

If the lamp dies away, lights up at the slightest movement of the cord - it is sign of the break of the cord. At desk lamps, floor lamps and other electric devices (irons, tiles, electrorazors) which we connect to network and often we move, cords, as a rule, flexible.

But in those places where the bend of the cord turns out the most abrupt, the wire nevertheless gradually frays. That to avoid it, put special rubber or plastic plugs, put on flexible tubules. It is the simplest to correct defect, having cut out the "sick" place from the cord. If it does not suit you and you decided to replace the cord, the new cord has to have the cross-sectional area not less, than at former. Non-compliance with this rule can lead to the fire.

It is quite difficult to replace in the desk lamp the old wire new. Depends on the correct performance of this work whether the lamp after repair will serve many years or in the month new repair will be required. The wire is clamped in the fork by screws and further goes to the switch.

Схема энергосберегающей лампы

Scheme of the energy saving lamp.

It is not recommended to apply nippers or knives to cleaning of the wire: it is possible to damage separate provodnichka, and it will affect reliability of connection. Industrially for cleaning of wires there is the special tool, in house conditions it is possible to remove isolation by the soldering iron. On the ends of the wire going under screws of the plug fork it is necessary to make ringlets. It is desirable them пропаять. As gumboil it is necessary to use rosin or soldering paste. In many types of forks there is the bracket holding the wire in the fork. If diameter of the wire is too small and the bracket holds it poorly, it is necessary to put on the piece of the rubber tube the wire. It at the same time will strengthen the wire in this "weak" place.

Recently the connecting wire from rubber or plastic cast together with the fork was available for sale. It is reliable, costs not much, can be applied at repair of the most various electric devices.

Failure of the switch can serve as the cause of defect of the electric device. Modern push-button switches, as a rule, have the body, hermetic, unsuitable for dismantling. Therefore they are not repaired, and replace new.

The most important at repair of chandeliers – the nobility where what end of the wire is connected. The scheme of inclusion of chandeliers in network is included below.

Repair of lamps with fluorescent lamps, in comparison with lamps with glow lamps, is more complex. Fluorescent lamps, unlike glow lamps, cannot be connected without the special the pusko-regulating equipment (PRE). It is known that the lamp will not light up, its electrodes will not be heated-up yet.

For this purpose it is necessary to pass through them the short-time current, having closed contact of the switch on 1-2 pages. After the lamp flashes, heating of electrodes needs to be turned off. The lamp at disconnection of the chain dies away the switch. The throttle limits current intensity in the lamp. Short circuit of starting contact is made by means of the automatic device – the starter.

The following malfunctions in operation of the lamp are most often possible: long (10-15 c) ignition delay; the lamp is periodically lit and dies away; the lamp is not lit – considerably only the weak luminescence from the heated electrodes. The reason of it is misoperation of the starter. The faulty starter is usually replaced new. In certain cases instead of the starter it is possible to use the normal ringing button. It is necessary to press it and at once to release.

If the lamp fused, replacement of the starter will not help. The fused fluorescent lamps can be not thrown out, and to force them to serve for a long time.

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