The remover for tightening of bearings the hands

At repair of electric motors, except horn keys and the set of heads, it is necessary to have in the arsenal and several removers for tightening of bearings.

Съемники для снятия шкивов

Removers for removal of pulleys.


Universal it is simple to one not to manage. If you have on the site electric motors from 1 kW and up to 100 kW, then 2-3 it is necessary to have.

I have in the arsenal two removers for removal of bearings. Now in the markets there is the wide choice of removers, and it is possible to get them. But if there is the material, the lathe, gazo-both electric welding and desire, then the remover it is possible to make also with own hands. Also I assure you, it will serve to you even not one decade.

It is necessary to do three-web-footed removers: they are the most convenient. I will specify also the sizes of the removers long ago checked at repairs. Let's begin with small by means of which it is possible to take bearings from 202 to 308 measurements, big 317 and more. We need sheet metal 10 mm thick and

Самодельные съемники для снятия подшипников

Self-made removers for removal of bearings.

metal round timber with a diameter of 30 mm (for big - metal of 15 mm and round timber with a diameter of 50 mm).

First of all we do the drawing (pattern) of pads of the remover. Length of pads we do 200 mm (at the end of article in the PDF format I will lay out patterns of pads of small and big removers). Further on sheet metal on the pattern we put the drawing. It is necessary to cut claws gas cutting (propane and oxygen). We process preparations after cutting on large sandpaper.

Gradually we lead up the sizes of three pads to identical. To try to obtain too ideal sizes there is no need, the difference in 1 mm of the role negative will not bring in the design. When claws are made and adjusted, in the upper we drill two openings (for small expansion of opportunities) diameter under bolts of 8 or 10 mm (for big 12 or 14 mm 3 openings) for fastening of the claw to the remover core. We make the same with two remained claws. In them we drill openings on the first claw, using it as the template. Here it is necessary to try not to allow disagreement in sizes that capture of the dischargeable bearing happened at the same time. Here it is short about production of pads of the remover.

Съемник в разобранном виде

Remover in unassembled form.

The following part - the core. For the core on the small remover we need metal round timber with a diameter of 30 mm and long 35 mm (for big, respectively, 50х45 mm). In preparation we drill the opening under the thread on 16 mm (for the big remover in its preparation the opening under diameter of 30 mm) and we cut the thread, it is desirable with the small step. In the prepared part for the core we put the marking, three tags through 120 degrees. And to places we weld on these places electric welding on two on tags of the holder of pads (the distance between holders has to be thickness about the claw). I think, in details to describe how to prepare them, there is no need as to follow some strict rules and the sizes it is not necessary. After welding works we process this part on large sandpaper. Now, having tried on the claw, we drill openings in holders. Openings need to be drilled, having receded from the center so that the established claw had the good course for capture of bearings of the bigger size aside.

And the third part of our remover is the screw. On the first remover we do with an its length of 350 mm, it is long threads of 280 mm, on the second – length of 500 mm, for the thread of 420 mm. Further on the lathe we process preparations and we cut the thread. In the screw upper where there is no thread, we drill through openings with small shift on height and perpendicularly each other. It openings under the crow bar or the tap wrench. Diameter on the discretion. The beginning of the screw can be made narrower in the diameter on small distance. I do not describe the detail. Everything can be seen in photos.

We made these removers with the mechanic more than 12 years ago. With removal of bearings and semi-couplings I do not have problems all these years. And, above all, the quality turned out Soviet period. Here such necessary tool it is possible to make with own hands easily.

To download or look at patterns of pads.


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