Systems of alternative heating

Now at continuous rise in price of energy carriers the alternative systems of heating of the private house become more and more relevant.

Схема работы теплового насоса

Scheme of operation of the thermal pump.

Owners of cottages and dachas constantly look for optimal variants for heating of the property, considering the large number of options: from solar collectors to solid-fuel boilers. Each such option has the pluses and minuses.

Presently alternative systems look very different:

Thermal pumps

Thermal pumps work, heating the house due to geothermal power of the earth and water. In summertime this system can be used as the conditioner, cooling the building.

It is the eco-friendly type of alternative system of heating which uses renewable energy resources.

In comparison with gas boilers, for heating of the dwelling by means of such system it is necessary to spend less resources for 15%. Minus of such devices is the high cost of installation therefore at this stage they are put seldom.

Kinds of boilers

Схема твердотопливного котла

Scheme of the solid-fuel boiler.

That, having refused gas to pass to the alternative systems of heating, it is necessary to replace the boiler only. The boilers using solid fuel and electric are the most widespread. But completely to warm the dwelling by means of electricity, many funds for the electric power will leave.

The boilers using biofuel will help to solve this problem. In work such boilers use special briquettes with fuel which can be replaced with such materials as:

It is worth knowing that the price of such boiler can be higher several times, than the price for the gas analog.

Solar collectors

Solar collector - the device consisting of plates, installed on the roof and heat-sink heat of sunshine by means of the heat carriers transmitting this energy to the boiler room.

Modern collectors are capable to work even in cloudy weather and even in the winter when air temperature does not exceed zero.

Infrared heating and system warm plinth

In the modern world even more often people began to use infrared devices for heating of the dwelling. Such sources of alternative heating are simple in mounting and cost little relatively. These devices are compact and capable even to decorate the interior.

Also big distribution was gained by the infrared film which is used for the "heat-insulated floor" system. This system is simple in use and does not demand big investments. At repair it is enough to remove the floor covering under which the film is laid and to replace this film.

The system which in the people received the name "warm plinth" will become one more interesting decision for heating of the dwelling. The device is installed along walls which are heated first of all, further from them there is heat radiation heating everything room space.

These sources do not demand big expenses and are established by the hands literally for several days.

During era of big changes, financial crises and instability, increase in prices and inflation is constantly felt. The person looks for decisions to cut the excess consumption on heating in this connection looks for the alternative systems of heating for the house or the apartment. Modern developments constantly develop, offering the new options capable to cut expenses.

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